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If you’ve been following my blog, you may recall reading my experience with the community service day in September while at my national conference. It was a combined effort between the Youngevity Be The Change Foundation and My Story Matters. It was a great lesson in how every story matters.

As a writer, this idea really grabbed my heart. I love storytelling, I love writing, and I love the idea that you can help someone else tell their story. It is originally why I fell in love with the lockets I do. The experience of hearing someone else’s story is like nothing else. I came home from that conference determined to find a way to bring that concept to my own community.

It’s also no secret to those who know me that I have a heart for our military families. I am so grateful to those who serve. I also have a heart for the spouses and families who are left behind when someone deploys, handling all of the every day things as well as the things that go wrong during that time. It’s been a long time goal of mine to some day be able to do things that really matter for those families.

While we all have stories, I decided to put some focus on telling the stories of the children of our military. It’s the life I grew up with and one I know pretty well, although a lot has changed since then. When I was young, we didn’t have social media, and when our father deployed, there were no phone calls, only regular letters. The world has changed a lot since then. And yet, I know there’s a story there with some common threads. Because of that, I went about trying to make it happen.

And it’s a go! I have the project set up now. Through my business, we will be doing a day of service with one of the bases in my area. I reached out to Fort Carson, we had lots of discussion, and will be doing our first project with the Survivor Outreach Services! This group works with those who have lost a family member who was in the military. In discussions, we will be focusing first on children who have lost a parent who was in the military. It will be done in conjunction with My Story Matters. I am beyond excited! Our actual event will take place in April during the Month of the Military Child.

YOU can help!

There are lots of moving parts to this, and I’m asking for your help. We never want a child to be asked to pay for their book that is created, so it’s fundraising time! I am asking you to reach into your heart and sponsor a book for one of these kids. There are 65 kids, and each one needs a sponsor. Any amount you can do will help make this happen. We do this using points from our Heritage Makers system. So, here’s how you do that:

Visit my website
Find the My Story Matters Points Packages
Select which point package you’d like to do
Purchase one and help support this project!

Each child’s book requires 25 points to create. You can make a difference by becoming a sponsor for this and helping get this project done. I hope you will!

For those of you who have a business, we also have a need to raise some cash for the project. If you’re interested in helping there,
please message me
! I would love for you to be a part of this as well through your business!

Let’s show these kids that there are caring people out there! I cannot wait to do this project and thank you for being a part of it and helping out!

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