This week has been an awesome week to be with South Hill Designs. With our official launch on Monday, the excitement had only just begun! The day was filled with opportunity webinars, many new team members joining, and lots of free starter kits given away!

Phenomenal Growth

In just one short month, the team I am a part of has grown from 57 to 127! That’s a growth rate of 127%! I love seeing so many new people taking hold of the opportunity to change their lives! As I facilitated our opportunity webinars this week, I asked participants about their “why” for wanting to join. From some wanting to be able to do more for their family, some wanting to save for something special, to those who want to replace their current job and have the satisfaction of creating their own business, the answers varied. What I love about that is it really doesn’t matter what your “why” is, it’s all possible! You can create your own dreams, and fulfill them! What a great way to take control of your life and make it awesome.

My own personal team started just a month ago with a party of one, me. We have now grown to four. Team Charmed Inspiration is the team where we inspire people to make their dreams become a reality. We also inspire each other through our support and sharing. I love this group and am having so much fun with them! Interested in being a part of it all? Check out the opportunities page and drop me a note!

New Products!

This week also brought the exciting news of 12 new charms. I love the innovation we have in this company. There are so many things to celebrate and adding new products is always cause for a celebration. Here are the new charms we added this week:
South Hill Designs Charms

Can you imagine the possibilities with these? Show your support of our military folks! How about that pink boxing glove to show the phrase “Fight Light a Girl” for breast cancer awareness? So many things we can do with these!

Now Over to You!

Which one of the new charms is your favorite? And what are you doing today to make your dreams a reality? I look forward to your response!

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