If you follow my blog here, you know that my company has been in transition the last few months. What was South Hill Designs is now Youngevity, under the Mialisia brand. And while transitions are never seamless, and this one hasn’t been without challenges, I do feel good that the company has worked really hard to make it smooth for people. The reality is that most transitions just don’t happen as fast as this one has, so there are bound to be bumps along thee way. What remains constant is the knowledge that it’s a company who cares and wants to make things work. So today’s post I’m writing for my SHD family, because we’ve all been through some “stuff” in the past few months.

So let’s talk about what happens with a transition. First, you have that shock that your company is no longer. It’s almost like having a death in the family, particularly for those who have been with the company for quite awhile, in this case some since inception. So it starts with that feeling of shock, numbness, sometimes despair, often grief, and then wondering what in the world you will do. Now, that’s only a part of what is happening for many people. If this business happened to be your sole income, then you’re also reeling about how you will pay your bills and support your family. And let’s not forget the time you spend fending off the “vultures” in direct sales, those who jump on your misfortune to tell you immediately why you should now join their team, often people who don’t even know you, with no regard to how you are feeling at the moment.

The Grass is Always Greener, or is it?

For some people, they will jump to other opportunities. You see, we have this notion about the “grass being greener” and so we move. Or maybe it’s a new opportunity, so we hear those words “Ground floor opportunity” and think we must jump because how many times can you get in on the ground floor?! Sadly, sometimes we move just because our leader or our friend moved, kind of following the masses. Whatever our rationale, these things all happen.

Now, there’s just a little challenge in those rationales. First, let’s talk about the reality of grass. It gets green because we water it. So is the grass really greener, or are you just watering one more than the other? As for “ground floor” opportunities, for me, that’s what South Hill Designs was so when someone approaches me to move, I tend to scream in my head, “I HAD a ground floor opportunity!” When sponsors and friends leave, well, it happens. Personally, I’ve never relied on my sponsor for success in my business and I’ve never been a follower of the masses. So those things just didn’t apply. That said, I realize that for some people, they do.

Then there are those who “stick around to see how it goes.” These are the people I hope hear this message today. What happens? We fall into what I love to call “paralysis by analysis.” We simply analyze things so much that we fail to do much to work our business. Oh, we check in, we might even throw a few posts on social media. And yes, if a customer asks to order something, we certainly won’t turn their order away. But in the meantime, we’re just “waiting to see how it goes.” After all, doesn’t this make sense? We need to know all the facts before we can proceed with a new company! What if, heaven forbid, someone asks a question and we don’t know the answer!

In that analysis mode, we may, or may not, start to learn about other products. It may be that we’re just not interested in any other products. Either way, we spend lots of time analyzing whether this is going to be a good deal for us and our families. And in that analysis, we become paralyzed.

Then it happens. Two or three months in, we look at our checks and realize that our income has dropped. Not just dropped, perhaps plummeted is a better word for some. And the conclusion? “The new company just isn’t working.” Or “I can’t survive on this!” And guess what that impacts? Every single part of our lives.

Time for a Reality Check

The grass isn't always greener
Okay folks, here’s where we get real, and honest, and time for some real soul searching. Because I’ve been in all of the above situations in the past few months. I get it. And it’s not pretty when those things happen. And it’s time to step up and be honest with ourselves.

Let me start by saying, this isn’t to say these things aren’t hard. And it’s not to say that it doesn’t create major stress and pressure if you’re in a situation where your company is closing and you may not be getting paid. I’m talking here about those specific times where your company transitions to another company. Even in those instances, sometimes we don’t get paid. And there IS major stress with that.

Here’s my challenge. Is the company not working? Or is it YOU who isn’t working? If you hit this wall, it’s time to stop and really get honest with yourself. If in the past you were doing parties and making sales every week, and now you’re stuck in paralysis by analysis, then you have to think about what’s not working. None of our businesses will bring in money if we aren’t working them. And yes, I get it that it’s so much easier to throw the blame to a company that’s not working than to take it on ourselves, but in the end, that won’t grow your business either. In addition, remember all those customers you had? If you’re not taking care of them, I promise you there is someone waiting in the wings who will be all to happy to step in and do that. And they will if you’re not there.

So let’s get on this one! Honestly, what I see is this. We have an amazing opportunity. We can continue to do the products we know and love, we can branch out and do additional things, or we can do something completely different. But see that key word? DO! So ignore the naysayers, bless and release those who have chosen to move on and wish them well. If you’re here, it’s because you decided to stay. Start today “doing” so that you can reap those benefits. We have to DO something. We have to stop being paralyzed and move. And when we do, the company WILL work. I’m positive of that! In the end, we all get to write our own stories. Write a good one!

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