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There are some specific things that successful people do. It’s good to study those things and decide which things you can add to your own life to increase your success. Here’s my list of the top 5!

Rise Early

I was never a real morning person in the past. Then I happened upon Andy Traub’s book The Early To Rise Experience, and decided to take the challenge for 30 days. What a difference it made! I find I am so much more productive in the early morning hours. It’s quiet at my house and I can get a lot accomplished. If you haven’t tried this, I challenge you to do a 30-day experiment and see how it changes things for you!

Plan and Strategize

Do you have a plan for your business? If not, now’s the time to create one! Then plan out what strategies you will use to get to those goals! Plan your day the night before. If you set your plans for the next day in the evening, you will find that you awake with a defined purpose on how you are going to go throughout your day. That said, be flexible! Sometimes life happens and we have to adjust our plans.

Build Relationships

Relationships are important in life. They are perhaps even more important in the direct sales industry. Our entire business is about the relationships we build. From our customers to our team members, you should work on building strong relationships with people. Strive to also build relationships that may be outside of your comfort zone. Network with other business professionals! Remember on this one, it is about building a relationship, not about making a sale. Get curious about the people in your business. Ask lots of questions and really get to know them!

Set Boundaries

With a high percentage of direct sales reps being female, this one is perhaps challenging. It sure is for me at times. I want to be seen as someone who is available and helpful. That said, it’s important to establish some boundaries around what that means. It will be different for everyone. I must set times when I am focused on my family, focused on my personal business, and focused on my studies. That means I have to set some boundaries around when I can be available. Boundaries are about more than just time, however. Set some boundaries around who you surround yourself with. Remove the energy suckers from your life and your life will be more productive! Surround yourself with positive people and positive energy. It really does matter!


Start a gratitude journal. Take a few minutes every single day to write down five things that you are grateful for. And don’t just write about what you already have! Be grateful for what’s to come! I’ve seen that in my own life and it really is an amazing thing. What we put out into the world does indeed return to us. Make your gratitude journal a daily event and see how much life changes!

Write Your Own Story

Every day gives us a new opportunity to write the story of our lives. What story will you write today?

What have I missed? Have something you believe successful people also do that’s not here? Add it in the comment section! I look forward to hearing from you!

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