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We are less than two weeks away from our official launch at South Hill Designs. There is such an excitement in the air that it’s palpable. I love being a part of things that are new and exciting. So what can we expect with the date fast approaching?


This is perhaps one of the things I love the most about this company. Since I joined, we have introduced over 30 new products. Each week we have seen new and different ways for people to tell the stories of their life. As we move closer to launch, you can expect to see more of this!

Training and Support

The week of official launch will also begin the offering of an awesome training program for all of us as artists. I am looking forward to participating in this and learning new ways to grow my business. Company-provided training that helps each individual rise to new levels is a great way to show support. It bonds us together, and even though we are all independent artists, we are a part of the larger family called South Hill Designs.


Every day we have new artists joining our teams. It’s so awesome to see new people coming on board. One thing that I think is a definite benefit for all of us in the early group is the opportunity to be a part of a sort of “founding artist” group. There are still states where there is no artist. The field is so wide open. I believe being able to be a part of this ground floor opportunity gives an added boost to my own business as people learn about it and want to be a part of something awesome.


My own team is growing. With two new team members in the last week, we’re off to a grand start. For the month of February, I am offering my new team members a little incentive. Everyone who gets going prior to our launch date will receive one of our new, Limited Edition, pink lockets. They are gorgeous and are going fast so it’s not one you will want to miss! If you’re interested in this opportunity, there’s no time like the present! Email me today for more information!

What Story Will You Create?

While our lockets tell a story, each of us has the ability to write our own story into our lives. I’m writing one today with this journey I’m on with South Hill Designs. I’d love to have you join me! What story will you create?

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