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How $50 Could Change Your Life

Change your life with just $50

I think in many ways we are all looking ways to change things in our life. For me, I tend to focus on my desire to have more time, money, and freedom. So what if you could accomplish that with only a $50 investment? Would you do it? Would you dare take the time to step out and give it a shot?

More Time

I don’t think I know anyone who has too much time! I sure don’t. There always seem to be more left to do at the end of the day than there is day to do it. One of the reasons I started my own business was to give myself more time, time to do the things I want to do. It’s so easy to get stuck in the things we “have” to do and never get to the “want to do” things. And yes, sometimes that revolves around having a job that just sucks the life out of us. So, why not do something you love and give yourself more time. What would you do with extra time in your week? What if your efforts produced more income working part time than when you work your full time job at minimum wage or more?

If you have children, you might spend that extra time with them, just “being” there and doing some fun things. Maybe you’d spend your extra time with your spouse. And maybe you’d find more time for friends and relationships that you’ve been missing.

More Money

Don’t we all want this one?! Our economy is struggling right now. And if you’re out there looking for a way to make more money, why not consider doing your own business? Remember that time thing above? Yep, less time to earn more money. It just might get you there! Let’s take a hypothetical look at how that could work.

Let’s say you want to make an extra $1,000 per month for your family. That would let you do some extra things, maybe pay a bill or two, who knows! But that would do a lot to change your life as it is today.

Let’s suppose a few things: You could have a job working for an employer where you make $10/hour. And you work 25 hours a week. So weekly, your gross pay is $250 for that 20 hours. This one’s easy, you make $10 per hour.

Now let’s look at having a business. Let’s say you have a party business, where you do home parties, or even Facebook parties. And let’s make some ore assumptions here: Let’s say each party is, on average, $400 in sales. Let’s also say you make an average of 32% on your sales. Now a party, from start to finish, from working with your host to doing your final follow up to be sure everyone is happy with their orders, let’s assume that takes 4 hours. So on one party, you make an average of $130, or $32.50 per hour.

Now, go back to that goal: $1,000 per month. So to do that with your “traditional” job, you have to work 100 hours every month. Do that with the hypothetical business and you need to work about 31 hours every month! WHOA!!

Let’s say you just decide to cut your time working in half from your regular job, you do three parties each week, and you spend about 12 hours on it, instead of 25. Now you’ve spent HALF the time, but you are earning around $1500 a month instead of your $1,000! See how it can work? More money! Oh yea, and that thing about more time? You’ve just freed up half of the time you were working and away from your family and friends!

More Freedom

This one means different things to different people. For me, it’s the freedom to do the first two, have more time, have more money, and then be able to spend that how I want to spend it. It also means I can set my own schedule. If I only want to work on certain days, I can do that. If I decide I want to take two weeks off to be out of town, yep, I can do that as well. It means I have the freedom to plan my life and really focus on what’s important to me.

All for $49.50

Remember that title above? Yes, I said for $50. Today through the end of June, you can join my team with Magnabiliaties and do just that. AND it’s only $49.50! That’s right! Our enrollment kit has been cut in half! For that low price, you get over $350 in products. You also get to be part of an awesome team who will help and support you as you grow. You get tons of training about how to succeed! AND you get to have fun! Who doesn’t want to party for a living?!

Ready to get started? You can join today by clicking the Join link below. Have questions? You can also email me below and let’s connect!

It’s time. This summer, five yourself a gift: The gift of more time, money, and freedom! Living an extraordinary life is a choice, what’s yours?

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If Money Was Not An Issue

If Money were no object

Today let’s talk about what you would do if the above was true. If money was not an issue, how would your life be different? What kind of things might you do that you don’t do now? Would your life change?

If money was not an issue, how would your family life be different?

Each of us has dreams for our family. It doesn’t matter if you are a family of 2, a single parent with kids, or a family with lots of children. We all have dreams, often created years ago when we were children ourselves. What about how you spend your time? Would that change? We have a specific idea of what we’d like to see in a house, a car, what kind of things we want to be able to provide for our families, etc. Have you reached that? If not, how would it be different if money were not an issue?

If money was not an issue, what would you do for fun?

Now, let’s do some even better dreaming. Sometimes life does need to be about having fun and enjoying yourself! If money wasn’t an issue for you, what would you do for fun? For me, I would spend six months of the year in Barbados! It is where my husband is from and we love going back for visits. It always seems the visits are entirely too short. I would spend more time walking on sandy beaches and watching sunsets from the beach. I would read more books. I would do more writing. All of those are things I enjoy and that bring happiness to me. What about you?

If money was not an issue, how would you help people?

This is perhaps one of my favorite questions to think about. A big hairy audacious goal (B-HAG) of mine is to some day create a foundation that works with our military spouses to provide support when their spouse is deployed. It’s on my heart and something I will one day be able to do to help others. Another thing I would put on that list is being able to work with rescue shelters for dogs. My fur baby is a rescue animal and was in foster care before he came to live with me. I would love to be able to help others connect with their forever dog and connect those dogs to their forever home. How about you? How would YOU help people if money were not an issue?

Whose dream are you building?

There’s a saying that you are either building your own dream or helping someone else build theirs. I don’t know about you, but I much prefer to build my own dream. I spent years in the corporate world building dreams for someone else, and it’s simply my time now.

I want to invite you to take a look at a short video. It won’t take much of your time and could give you some great ideas on how to get to the point where you are able to do those things above that you thought about as you read this. I would love to hear what you think after you’ve watched it!

Take Control!

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What Inspires You?

inspiration, south hill designs. youngevity, mialisia

It’s been a sort of crazy couple of weeks! As you know from previous posts, the South Hill Designs products are now a part of the Mialisia brand under the Youngevity umbrella. The time ha been spent learning a new compensation plan (an exciting one, I might add), trying to help team members with their plans for moving forward, creating some training calls, attending training calls, and working the business!

So today let’s talk about inspiration. Inspire has been one of my three words for my life for several years now. Each year, I pick three words to guide my year instead of creating New Year’s resolutions. I pick this word to always remind myself that I want to both be inspired by others and by the things around me and be an inspiration to others so that they can see in themselves what I see. I have always loved the word. This week, I changed my Facebook business page name and it is now called Inspiration Station. I hope you will stop by!

I believe we all find our inspiration in different places. For me, there are so many things that inspire me. One of my greatest inspirations is watching other people succeed. It is one of the many things I love about this industry. To be able to mentor someone to grow their own business, create their own strong economy, and make a difference for their family, that’s inspiring. Those kind of celebrations are tons of fun! Already this month, we are starting to celebrate promotions within this new company structure.

40 year plan
I am inspired by the potential that this kind of a business model has to change lives. Take a look at this graphic for a minute. So many of us start our career with this “40-year plan” and somewhere along the way, that plan simply gets derailed. For those who stick it out, only a few really attain the success they dreamed about. That makes us start to look for other ways to earn money. While one might make money with investments or buying a franchise, you’d have to have money to do that. You could work a second job or increase your hours at your current job; however, in many instances these are times when companies are trying to cut back on hours and they don’t often allow for extra hours. Then there’s the option of starting your own business!

2 to 5 year plan, network marketing, youngevity
So what if you developed a 2-5 year plan? Do that with your own network marketing business, and then you have a plan for some real success. I love that in this industry someone can start a business for very little money down and really create something that makes a difference for themselves and their families. The support from both the company and the team is amazing, and you really can accomplish so much more.

So here’s my invite for you. Check out Youngevity! There are so many things to offer there and the start up costs are minimal. I would love to share more on how you can take this amazing journey with me. Imagine being able to start your own business and create your own strong economy for yourself and your family. That’s what I call inspiring! How about you?

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New Trends by South Hill Designs

I love April. One of the reasons I love it is that it’s one of the months when we do new product reveals. It tends to be an exciting time as the company announces new things that we can offer to customers. This month is no different!


South Hill Designs Turquoise

Turquoise is simply timeless. These new items are sure to be a show stopper to add to your collection. From the wrap to the crystal embellishment, they are definitely things I plan to add! You can order yours here! And while you’re there, don’t miss those new earrings!

New Charms

Of course, we always add new charms! I love that many of these come from requests from our customers. Take a look and tell me which one is your favorite!

South Hill Designs New Charms

Dream Collection!

Summer will soon be here and the Dream collection is perfect! Every wardrobe can use something in white! And check out the awesome pink wrap! I love the look of these new items as well and am already planning for all of the ways I use use them to accessorize outfits! How about you?

South Hill Design Dream Collection

And Then There’s Purple!

It’s no secret to those who know me that my very favorite color is purple! It’s just a regal color. I am absolutely in love with the new purple embellishment! Pair that with a studded wrap or a beaded wrap, and you’re set! It is perhaps my favorite new thing!

South Hill Designs Purple

The Best Offer of All!

While I love new products and new things, the very best offer we have with South Hill Designs is the opportunity to own your own business. It is a life-changing opportunity. I’ve seen it in my own personal life, and I see it in the lives of my team members. It’s what allows mothers to be home with their children, families to be able to do the things they have wanted to do, and even allowed others to leave that corporate job that they aren’t very happy with.

With Mother’s Day upon us and graduation soon to follow, this is an ideal time to start your new business! The opportunity is available in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. I would love to share it with you! Check out the information on my website or email me and let’s connect! A year from now, you will wish you had started today!

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