Welcome Dominican Republic!

South Hill Designs Dominican Republic

México ¡ Bienvenido!

South Hill Designs Mexico

Bienvenue au Québec !

South Hill Designs FQuebec

South Hill Designs New Style

One of the things I love about our new products and the new lines is that we have something for everyone. It lets you create a style that is uniquely yours. We’ve always been able to do that with our lockets and charms, and now there’s so much more you can add. From our wrap bracelets, dog tags for men, the new trinity bracelet, earrings, and the new crystal embellishments, it all comes together to make the statement you want to make.

It’s all about innovation. At our recent conference, the owners said they will always be innovating to stay on top of trends. Who wouldn’t love being a part of that!

Today, I’ve created a short video for you with some of our new products. Take a look and tell me in the comments which one you like best! You can get yours here today!

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One Week and Counting!

South Hill Designs Excitement

Just one week from today, we will open the doors of South Hill Designs in Quebec, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic! I can’t wait to see how much we will grow on August 4. I’m excited about the opportunity being available to so many more people.

I could not have imagined when I joined how much this business would change my life, but it sure has. I’ve made new friends. I’ve helped women express the stories of their lives, sometimes for the very first time. I have an awesome team, and my greatest blessing is working with them to grow their business. I love seeing them achieve the goals that they want for their family. That makes everything worthwhile.

In addition to these new opportunities, we have so many new products to share! Just this week, we were given the chance to purchase most of the new products at a significant discount! I love how the company takes care of us as artists and gives us things that help us grow our business.

Now’s the time for you to grab that opportunity! What are you waiting for? Be one of the first in your area and grow a strong business! I’d love to help you!

New Weekly Contest

Today I’m starting a new weekly contest on my site. Here’s how it works. Sign up for my newsletter list on the right hand side of this post and you are entered! Every week, someone who has signed up will receive something from me from our awesome line of products! Note that current South Hill Designs artists are not eligible. So, get your name in the pool early and you could be our winner! Ready, set, go!

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South Hill Designs Expands to Quebec

South Hill Designs Quebec

South Hill Designs launched in Canada in October 2013. At that time, we weren’t in Quebec and so many of you wanted to join, but we weren’t ready for it. I’m happy to announce that we will be opening in Quebec on August 4!

Imagine the Possibilities

Being a part of a launch in a new area is exciting. You could be one of the first artists in Quebec. That means a wide open territory for you to have parties, make sales, and grow a team. It’s a great ground floor opportunity for this area.

Historically, those who get involved when something is first building tend to have a bit of an advantage. With a new product, there will be excitement! You will be able to grow a solid team and build a strong business if that’s your desire.

With our recent conference, we have also released 178 new products and 9 new lines. There is so much to share with others as we help them express their own personal style!

Canada Loves South Hill Designs!

I have several team members in Canada. They are building strong, solid businesses. The customers love our products, and love working with them. I believe Quebec will be the same!

Why Wait?

My team is already preparing to add new members in Quebec and I would love to have you join us! August 4 is right around the corner. Get ready now, start sharing about the new business you are starting, and you could start building your team right on the 4th! I would love to work with you to mentor you to grow your business and create something awesome! Interested? Email me and I will give you a call with more details!

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Income for Students

Money for college students

For those who have been there, you know how it works. You’re in school, juggling a schedule for classes, studying, and that job that helps you have money while you’re in school. For many, that may mean that part-time job that gives you a very part-time income. I remember my college days when a group of us would get together and pool our money so that we could do something fun. Jobs are hard to come by in today’s economy, which makes the challenge even greater. Maybe you’re not in college yet, but you are working on figuring out how to save money for college.

Opportunities in direct sales are perfect for students. Let’s explore a few reasons why that’s true.


Students need flexible schedules. We have that! Schedule our parties around your school schedule. Work your business when you have time during your busy schedule.

Better Income!

Okay so you can find a job in a bookstore, at the mall, or many other places. It might pay minimum wage, and it could even pay a bit more. So let’s just go with that for a minute. Suppose you work 20 hours a week and you are lucky enough to find something that pays $10 an hour. That gives you $200 a week in your pocket. It also takes 20 hours out of your schedule in the week.

Suppose you had a business with a direct sales company. Our basic compensation plan starts at 20% and goes to 40%. So let’s be conservative and say you’re in the mid range at 30%. You host a party, share the amazing products with your friends, show them how trendy they can be by designing their own look and style. On average, I invest about three to four hours on a party. Now suppose you have an “average” party and have $500 in sales. You’ve just made $150 for that three to four hours of work, AND you’ve had fun doing it!

If you took that same 20 hours a week and worked your business, you could do four parties a week. Using the numbers above, your weekly income would be $600, all for the same investment of your time! Which would you prefer?

Share Your Style, Have Fun!

South Hill Designs Bangles
Our new Urban Vintage look is quite popular. Imagine having fun sharing the products and showing others how they can create their own unique style. We all enjoy a fun night out with friends, and this is a perfect way to provide that for others.

Save for College

What if you’re not in college yet? It’s still the perfect opportunity for you! Earn while you’re preparing for college and build your college fun. You can become a South Hill Designs artists if you are at least 14, with parental approval.

Own Your Own Business!

Being a business owner is very rewarding. Imagine being able to say you own your own business. You’re the boss, you set your schedule, and you control your income. Where else can you do that?! You can even add people to your team, creating even more income for yourself.

What Are You Waiting For?

There is no better time than now to get started! I would love to have you on my team and mentor you! With South Hill Designs, you can start for as little as $59 and be on your way to earning while you’re learning. Take advantage of all that offers you today and let’s chat!

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Seeking Rock Stars!

With our exciting news that South Hill Designs is expanding our territory, I cannot wait to see the growth and how many lives will be changed. This really is a life-changing opportunity. The stories I heard at conference were proof of that. Our own family has seen the tremendous benefits from being with this company. It is something I would love to see for others. We all have dreams in life. Now’s the time to make those happen for yourself!

So here’s what I’m seeking, and I hope you can help. I am looking for some rock stars in these new areas. What’s a rock star? Someone who has a passion for building a business and helping others do the same. Someone who loves making a difference. I would love to have leaders in all three areas so that we can work together to build something that’s really awesome and matters to others. Maybe that’s you!


Quebec is such a great opportunity. Before now, we haven’t been in this province so you have a wide open territory of new people to introduce to South Hill Designs. Join me in growing a team in Quebec and making it the most awesome team in the province!

Dominican Republic

A brand new opportunity for this country. I have a love for the Caribbean and can’t wait to share that. Imagine being one of the first in your country to bring this new company to life there! What could we accomplish together? Join me and I will help you build a strong organization!


Also new to Mexico, the South Hill Designs opportunity is an amazing one here. A new way for women to share the stories of their lives. A great way to express your family pride and connections through your jewelry. Because it is brand new, you have the opportunity to really build a large team of people and make an impact for them!

Who Do You Know?

Maybe you just don’t think the opportunity is right for you. Still, you may know someone who is right for it. We all know people who would like to earn a little extra money, or even someone who wants to make a six-figure income. I love referrals and would love it if you send those folks my way! I do have referral gifts for you when that person joins my team, so be sure they tell me you sent them!

South Hill Designs

Don’t be the person a year from now who wishes they had taken advantage of this amazing opportunity! Let’s chat soon!

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South Hill Designs Announces New Products

South Hill Designs barnecklaces

What a week it’s been! With our conference, so many exciting things happened. One of the great things is the release of all of our new products. There are now so many choices to create your own style!

In total, we had a release of 178 new products. They range from the bar necklaces pictured above, to earrings, a new oval-shaped locket, new screens and coins, and 43 brand new charms! You’ll definitely want to see the new things and start now planning what you’d like to have for your own!

For the Guys in Your Life!

South Hill Designs Dog Tags

I am often asked what we have for men. Until now, that could be a challenge. But take a look! Our awesome dog tags are the perfect gift for the man in your life! The tag lets him display his country flag proudly. And because we know guys don’t change things out like we do, they come on a sturdy ball chain!

We have a brand new look, and of course, a new catalog. With our new urban vintage look, you are sure to find something that is just right for everyone on your list! Take a few minutes and browse the new catalog below! I’d love to help you pick something that’s just right for you!

South Hill Designs Catalog

Like it? Order yours today! Love it? Host a fun night out with your friends and get yours for free! And yes, I DO do Facebook parties! Want it all? Join my team! The incentives are awesome! Which will you choose?

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Success with South Hill Designs

Starting a new business is always exciting! I remember the day I got my starter kit from South Hill Designs. It was like Christmas to get that box and open it. I spent hours going through the lockets and charms and putting different looks together. Then it was time to get the business going! Well, in reality that part started even before I got my kit, but that’s a story for another blog.

I’ve done several things for incentives for my new team members. This past week at conference, we got the very exciting news about our brand new 100 Days to Success program! It’s for all new artists and it’s a dynamite program!

The Plan

South Hill Designs 100 Days to Success

In your first 30 days, achieve your first promotion to Independent Artist, and you receive a great charm pack, worth $150! That’s easy to do! All you do to get that first promotion is sell you first $1,000 in retail sales, AND your starter kit counts so you’re already on the way!

Reach a goal of only $3,000 in personal volume, and you then also receive our accessory pack, also worth $500! These will include things like coins and screens, and some of our new ones are truly awesome!

Reach a goal of $5,000 in personal volume, and you also receive the $150 arm candy pack! Think bracelets, wraps, and bangles! These are sure to be a hit, for yourself or for your customers!

In the last level, reach $7,000 in personal volume, and you receive our $150 locket package. More lockets to add to the amazing products you already have!

Take a look at that! In just 100 short days, you could receive an additional $600 worth of products! Simply for starting your business strong! Start now and you will be perfectly set up to rock the holidays and all of those gifts people will want to get for their family and friends!

How I get it!

Are you ready for this amazing opportunity? I have an awesome international team and would love to add you to that group! Visit the opportunity page today and check it out! Maybe it’s right for you. Even if you’re not sure, let’s chat about it! I would love to help you earn all of those freebies and start strong in your new business! We have team members in the US, Canada, and the UK! August 1, we will be adding team members from Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Quebec! Don’t let others be ahead of you in this opportunity! Act now and secure your spot!

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South Hill Designs Expands Territory!

I just returned from our Second Annual South Hill Designs conference. What an amazing experience! Stay tuned this week as I share some of our exciting news and new products!

Today I want to share with you that we will be opening in new countries and areas on August 1! This is a very exciting time for us and provides some great business opportunities in new areas! So, ready? Let’s go!

Dominican Republic!

South Hill Designs Dominican Republic

Yes! We will be doing pre-launch in the Dominican Republic starting August 1! I am very excited by this as it moves us into the Caribbean. For those who know me, I spent two years in Barbados and my husband is from the Caribbean. We are truly excited to see the South Hill Designs opportunity moving into the Caribbean and providing amazing business opportunities for people on the islands. Email me today for information on how YOU can be a part of this ground-floor opportunity to have your own business!


South Hill Designs Mexico

Also on August 1, Mexico! Also a chance to be in on the ground floor of this opportunity and be the first in your country! Sign up early and grow a team. The impact the business opportunity has on your life for your family is awesome and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Note, I am also seeking a leader who wants to help grow this team. I’m looking for someone who speaks Spanish and can help grow our team in Mexico. Could that be you? Email me today!


South Hill Designs Quebec

This is also a very exciting announcement! We’ve been in Canada for a few months and my team members from Canada are rocking their business! Now we can offer this opportunity to those of you who live in Quebec as well! Get ready to rock your business and change your life! You can be one of the very first artists in Quebec and grow an amazing business! I’d love to add you to our growing team and mentor you to grow your business! Email me today and let’s talk about how you can be ready to hit the ground running on August 1!

Seeking Talent Scouts!

So here’s what I’m asking of you. If you know someone who would be awesome in this business, be a talent scout. I love referrals! Send them my way and if they sign up, I will give you a referral bonus of something from our new line of products! Just be sure they tell me you sent me my way! We all know someone who could use extra money and is looking for a great opportunity. Imagine being able to help your friend or family member out by pointing them in the right direction!

I cannot wait to see how this business explodes. There are so many opportunities. For our family, it’s been a life-changing opportunity. I know it can be the same for yours!

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4 Amazing New Products!

With the South Hill Designs conference just days away, many artists will be descending on Phoenix to celebrate our second annual meeting. It’s a time for networking, meeting new friends, reconnecting with old friends, meeting team members, and learning. It’s also the time when many new, innovative products will be released. The excitement is palpable as the date gets closer and you watch the posts on social media.

While most of our new things will be announced the end of this week, we do have a sneak preview of things to come! This week, four new products were released early. Three new wraps, and an awesome black graphite locket bracelet. Take a look here!

South Hill Designs New Wraps and Bracelet

These are available to order NOW so you don’t have to wait. I can’t wait to get mine. I love the purple wrap, just because I love all things purple. I also hear that the blue wrap really pops with sparkle. And while I love my silver locket bracelet, I’m sure I have to have this new black one as well. It’s very exciting.

Amazing Products, and an Amazing Opportunity!

I love the innovation of this company. We are always getting new products, new tools, and this next week will be no exception. So how about YOU exploring this amazing opportunity?

I have a great special for those who join by July 14. Join with our small social kit and receive our top 50 charms pack IN ADDITION to your starter kit! That gives you an additional $250 (US) in product! This special is available to all new artists, in the US, Canada, and in the UK! I would love to share that deal with you. You can learn about the opportunity on the opportunity page on this site. If you’re all set and ready, you can sign up today! Just be sure to click the correct flag in the upper right hand corner for your country! I would love to have you become a part of my fast-growing team and help you grow your own business.

Now, over to you! Which new product is a must have for you?

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An Amazing Time to Join!

Join South Hill Designs

As I prepare to leave for our conference tomorrow, I am thinking about all of the amazing things that are about to happen in the next few days. Meeting new friends, getting to meet some of my team members in person for the very first time, lots of learning and sharing, networking, and of course the awesome new products that are coming. It will be a life-changing few days.

Even with all of the new products, our business opportunity is the best thing we offer. Now is also a great time to join. Let’s talk about why.

  • Our amazing July incentive! Join by July 14 with our small social kit and you receive an extra gift. You will also get our top 50 charms pack, which has a US value of $268, for FREE. That means for only $199, you receive a total of $768 in products to start your new business! But hurry! This offer ends on July 14!
  • Our team’s amazing mentor program! Get your business off to a roaring start by joining and participating in our mentor program. A new program is starting in August. It will give you the tools and strategies to really grow your business and be successful.
  • New products! This week’s conference will give us the release of many new products. Be the first to show them to your friends! Even if you know someone who has done South Hill Designs, this is a great way to get started. Everyone get excited to see the new things when they come out, and you would be able to show them!
  • Fall and the Holiday Shopping Season! As hard as it is to believe that the holiday shopping season will soon be here, it will! Fall is the busiest time in the direct sales industry. Start now and have your business ramped up to be prepared for all of those holiday parties. Everyone will be looking for that special gift and you can help them create it!
  • Cash! Speaking of the holiday season, what if you could pay for all of your own Christmas shopping! We were able to do that last year because of my business and it was an awesome feeling to have that covered for the family. If you start today, you could make that happen for those extras you want around the holidays!
  • International Opportunities!

    You can be a part of this amazing opportunity! We are open in the US, in Canada, and in the UK! Get started, grow a team if that what you’d like to do, and join us! I promise it will be an amazing journey! A year from now, you will wish you had said yes today!

    Interested? Email me today and let’s chat!

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