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This week we saw yet another tragedy as we all watched on television the events in Moore, Oklahoma. With a monster tornado that was estimated to be two miles wide and stayed on the ground for 40 minutes, much of this town not just suffered damage, but in many places was simply demolished. If you’re like me, you stayed glued to the news, whether on your television or on the social media outlets like Facebook.

For me, this one was personal. In my South Hill Designs family, there are two artists who live in Moore. One of them is on my team. I got on the phone, never expecting of course that I would get through, and started making calls. I was blessed to get through to my team member and hear that she was okay, she had heard her house was okay, even though it was just two short blocks from major destruction, and that her beloved animals were also okay. Throughout the course of time, I also learned that the other artist in our group was safe as well. I cannot begin to express the relief I felt knowing that they both, while having minor damage to things, were safe and still had their homes standing.

We all watch these kind of things unfold as something happens. Last year, the Waldo Canyon fires hit my state in a town very close to me. This year we have seen the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, the explosion in West, Texas, and now the losses in Moore, Oklahoma.

In addition to our folks from the company, I learned through one of them that there are also several military families in a unit who have lost their homes entirely. Imagine that–everything that you owned gone. It’s not something I can begin to fathom. It’s not just about “things” when something this bad happens, it’s also often about the memories. As an example, the school was destroyed–that’s a school where my team member has fond memories of her son’s school days. Her son has friends who have lost their home.

Today the conversations began among the other artists in the company I’m with. What can we do to help? How to we do our part to say we care? Ideas started rolling and we formulated some plans. I’m so proud of the group of women I work with in this business. They are caring individuals who want to make a difference for people.

So here’s the plan for my business: For all locket purchases between now and May 31, I will be making a donation to help the folks in Moore. That will come from my commission and will be 20% of my sales. So, if you’re looking for a way to help those folks out and you also want a locket, now’s time time! This is a fundraiser for the folks in Moore! I hope to see many of you get involved here. I’m hoping that it’s a big check I can send to help out!

I’m in! Take me to the order site!

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