Waiting for Your Ship

I’ve had so many conversations this week that are sparking the idea for this post today. In a world where we are all dealing with an uncertain economy, challenges for our families and wondering what to do next, sometimes we hear that phrase “I’m just waiting for my ship to come in.” Today I want to challenge that thinking a bit.

In the direct sales business, I believe we search for a concept that we love. Something that stirs a passion in us and makes us just want to be a part of it, to share it with others. That’s certainly how it was for me with South Hill Designs. I love the idea of telling stories in jewelry and I love that each one is unique. Once I made the decision, I was ready to get going!

Some of the things I’ve heard this week show that sometimes people are just waiting, waiting for that perfect opportunity, waiting to be sure it’s the right choice, and sometimes waiting because waiting is the process to get started where they have chosen.

If you’ve ever sat in a waiting room at a doctor’s office, you know how frustrating waiting can be. Doctors typically “over book” their day, which means you rarely get seen at the time your appointment is scheduled. If you’re smart, you always take something with you so that you have something to occupy your time. And all of that waiting time comes with a price–whether you’re losing money not working or losing time that could be spent elsewhere.

I think waiting to start a business is a lot like this example. You find an idea, you love the concept, and then you’re put in a waiting cycle. Sometimes it’s of our own doing, sometimes not. What it can be is frustrating. It also, just like the time in the doctor’s office, comes with a price. That price is called lost opportunity.

Imagine that your “waiting,” for whatever reason, takes three months. On my team, my director rose to that role in just three short months. Not only would she have missed that opportunity, she would have had three months of no income, no reward for helping others, and customers that may have gone elsewhere. What if she had waited and not started? What changes would that have meant for her family? For me, that three months would have been a time of much lost for my family and those I care about. For others, it would have made the difference in being able to pay the bills for their household.

Personally I’m too much of an “instant gratification” kind of person to wait for much of anything. Once I’ve decided to do something, it’s time to move! I am so glad I did that with this opportunity.

So, here’s my thought for you today: Stop waiting for your ship to come in. If it’s not coming in, swim out to meet it. If that ship is too far away, look around for a ship that can take you to the destiny you want for yourself! It’s out there, we just have to look and be willing to take control of our future! There is no waiting with South Hill Designs. You can be on your way today to a new future, one filled with opportunities! Stop waiting and do something today to make a difference in your life!

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