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This week, my team with South Hill Designs has scheduled opportunity calls. It’s a time when you can call in to a conference call and hear the information about the company.

These calls will be done by the Executive Director and Directors on my team, and it’s one you won’t want to miss! Our team has had such amazing growth and we have the company’s first Executive Director and three Directors in that group, all in six months. I love being in this group because they really understand how to grow a business and they are more than generous about passing that knowledge on to others.

There are three times set up for these calls, so it should be something where everyone can manage to attend. Mark your calendars now and join us tomorrow for one of these calls! Like what you hear? Let’s chat! There’s no better time than today to start building a new business and achieving your dreams!

Here’s how you can join our call:

Would you love to hear more about our company? Team Rock Charms has grown the First Executive Director and 3 Directors within the company in 6 short months! We have 560 artists on our team. Who would like to be next?
Would love to welcome you to our growing team!

Opportunity Call
Date: Tuesday May 21st
7:00 pm Central
(5:00 pm Pacific and 8:00 pm Eastern)

8:00 Central
(6:00 pm Pacific and 9:00 Eastern)

9:00 Central
(7:00 pm Pacific and 10:00 Eastern)

Participant Access Code: 655621#
Conference Dial-in Number: (661) 673-8600
Subscriber PIN code: 227050#

I hope you can attend one of these calls. I will look forward to seeing you there!

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