Wow, yesterday was a very exciting day! We had our monthly Livestream where we go over rewards, recognition, new products, and new incentives! I have so much to share with you!

Share The Love

Perhaps the biggest announcement was that our “Share The Love” promotion for joining South Hill Designs has been extended! That’s right! You can still save on the Social Essentials Kit through June 30! This kit has $900 US in products! It’s a great tool to start your new business! Now on sale in the US, Canada, and Mexico, this is sure to get you off on the right foot in growing your business and making a difference for yourself and your family!

South Hill Designs Kit Sale

Also during this time, the first level of our 100 Days to Success program is doubled! That means when you hit that first incentive reward, you receive $300 US in additional FREE products instead of $150! Many of the artists on my team have hit this incentive within their first two weeks! It’s totally doable.

So let’s do the math! For this exercise, I’ll use the US pricing. You purchase the Social Essentials Kit on sale for $249. For that, you receive $900 in products. These can be used for your display or they can be used for cash sales, your choice! Then you make that first incentive, so you earn an additional $300 in free products! But wait, there’s more! Reaching that incentive means you have made an additional $750 in sales! So, you also earn $150 in commission on those sales! In the end, that means you spend $100 (after receiving your commission) out of pocket and you have $1200 in jewelry! Where else can you make an investment like that?!

South Hill Designs Artist Incentive

Wait! That’s not all! There is an awesome artist incentive for June. Every artist who reaches a bonus volume of $1800 this month, also receives this beautiful set! It’s a sparkle locket and it’s not available for purchase! But for artists, in the month of June, it can be free!

New Products!

Of course, we are always adding new products! This month is no exception! One of my favorites already is the new bracelets we are adding! I love our bracelets and how they can be put together with a locket to make a complete look! Here are the new bracelets we are adding this month!

South Hill Designs New Bracelets

Do you love putting a screen in your locket? I love how they can completely change the look! I can have the very same charms and just by changing my screen, I have a totally different locket! This month, we have some awesome new screens as well! Take a look!

South Hill Designs New Screens

And of course, charms! So many new charms! This month, we have a total of 21 new charms to give you even more choices for your lockets! Which is your favorite?

South Hill Designs New Charms

Another thing I am fast falling in love with are our tassels. These just add some sophistication, no matter how you wear them. Add them to your locket chain, or wear them on a bracelet! They just say classy! These are now available in all all four colors–silver, gold, graphite, and rose gold.

South Hill Designs Tassels

There are more new things, but I’ll save that for later this week! It’s exciting to be a part of a company that is always innovating and looking for ways to be on the cutting edge of fashion! I love being able to share that with all of you!

What’s Next?

Now it’s up to you! Is now the time for you to start your new business with South Hill Designs? I would love to welcome you to the team! Maybe you’d really like to get some of the new things! You can shop directly on my site!

If you’re ready to change things for yourself and your family and get that new business going, I want to hear from you! This opportunity has been an incredible blessing for my family and I would love to help you find that same success! Let’s Connect!

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