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The South Hill Designs opportunity in Canada is exploding! With new members joining our team every day, now is the time to get started.

The opportunity with South Hill Designs is an amazing opportunity, and one that many have already taken advantage of in the last few months. Since our formal opening in Canada last October, we have seen huge growth in the number of Canadian artists.

In addition to new artists signing up, I have been seeing requests for fundraisers. Fundraising is a wonderful opportunity to help an organization reach their goals. I love helping a group accomplish something while also helping women tell the stories of their lives.

On our team, we are seeing women who are changing their lives with this opportunity. Their calendars are full and their teams are growing. While some are choosing to make this their full time income, others are choosing to make it a part-time business. The beauty of direct sales is that it can be anything you want!

Join Us!

I hope you will consider joining us today! Starter kit options are $61.95 and $208.95. For that very small investment, you can get started and be on your way to creating your own strong economy for your family. Even if this opportunity isn’t for you, perhaps you know someone who could use the extra income. We love referrals! I would love to chat with you about this amazing opportunity and whether it might be right for you!

Email me today and let’s set a time to chat.

Living an extraordinary life is a choice – what’s yours?

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