SHD Launches in UK

In our weekly company meeting today, South Hill Designs shared with their artists that we will begin our pre-launch phase in the UK this week! This is a huge announcement as it opens the opportunity to join the company at a ground-floor opportunity level and really start with a strong business.

Our team is growing fast in both the US and Canada, and we cannot wait to add folks to the team from the UK.

Why should you consider this?

  • An amazing ground-floor opportunity
  • Be one of the FIRST in your area!
  • A Compensation Plan that can’t be beat!
  • Advancement Opportunities!
  • Own Your Own Business
  • Be a Part of Something that Makes a Difference!
  • Seeking Rock Stars!

    If you’re interested in this opportunity, I would love to chat with you! Maybe it’s not for you, but you know someone in the UK who is interested in starting their own business and building their own strong economy! There is no better time than now! Ask me about special opportunities for those who have direct sales experience and are looking for a new opportunity as well!
    I’d love to chat with you! Let’s grow in the UK! Contact me today for more information.

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