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Mondays are always days when we have exciting news from South Hill Designs. This week was no exception!

Today it was announced that we are now in pre-launch for Canada! That means that those of you who live in Canada have an opportunity to be some of the very first South Hill Designs artists in your country! Imagine the potential open to you!

I know some Canadian friends of mine who have fallen in love with our lockets. It’s very exciting to me that they can now order them directly from my website.

Even more exciting is the ability to share the opportunity of joining the company with our friends in Canada. I believe that our opportunity is the very best thing we have to offer. Imagine, you can work from home, create a schedule that works for you and your family, and create your own strong economy! Who among us doesn’t want that for your life?!

I’d love to share the details of our opportunity with you. My team is awesome and we would love to have others join us as we work together to create our dream lives. Interested? Email me and let’s chat!

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