New South Hill Designs Charms

Today we had the introduction of 15 new charms, pictured above! I love the innovation in this company. There is always something new coming on the horizon! Most of these charms are things that customers have requested through their independent artists. I also love that we have a way to submit ideas for new things and it’s taken seriously. A company who listens!

On that note, let me share with you some of the excitement from our meeting this week. I come from a background in the healthcare industry. It’s not been uncommon for folks in that sector to find themselves faced with ongoing pay cuts. It seems every time you turn around, there’s a “new comp plan” released and the end result is lower pay for the same work. It can get pretty discouraging, and some are even leaving the field because of it.

In our weekly meeting yesterday, it was announced “we have some changes to the comp plan to go over,” and my heart just about sank. Oh boy, I’ve heard those words before. Then the changes were explained. I must admit it took a bit for it to really sink in for me. Our new plan gives us as artists a bigger percentage on the things we are already doing! Oh yes, and there’s an added bonus as you add people to your team. Wow! It’s so refreshing to have fond something where the people are valued and rewarded accordingly. If you’d like to hear more about our comp plan, we should chat! It’s pretty awesome.

I’m truly blessed to be able to be a part of this company. I love that it’s just getting started because that increases my opportunities. I love that it’s a place where I can really make a difference for others by sharing the opportunity and helping them reach their own goals. In our socials, I love hearing women tell the stories they are building in their own lockets. Some of them are so touching and it’s a blessing to be a part of that.

How about you? Which one of the new charms is your favorite? Looking for an opportunity? South Hill Designs has some great ones–Let’s chat!

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