With our exciting news that South Hill Designs is expanding our territory, I cannot wait to see the growth and how many lives will be changed. This really is a life-changing opportunity. The stories I heard at conference were proof of that. Our own family has seen the tremendous benefits from being with this company. It is something I would love to see for others. We all have dreams in life. Now’s the time to make those happen for yourself!

So here’s what I’m seeking, and I hope you can help. I am looking for some rock stars in these new areas. What’s a rock star? Someone who has a passion for building a business and helping others do the same. Someone who loves making a difference. I would love to have leaders in all three areas so that we can work together to build something that’s really awesome and matters to others. Maybe that’s you!


Quebec is such a great opportunity. Before now, we haven’t been in this province so you have a wide open territory of new people to introduce to South Hill Designs. Join me in growing a team in Quebec and making it the most awesome team in the province!

Dominican Republic

A brand new opportunity for this country. I have a love for the Caribbean and can’t wait to share that. Imagine being one of the first in your country to bring this new company to life there! What could we accomplish together? Join me and I will help you build a strong organization!


Also new to Mexico, the South Hill Designs opportunity is an amazing one here. A new way for women to share the stories of their lives. A great way to express your family pride and connections through your jewelry. Because it is brand new, you have the opportunity to really build a large team of people and make an impact for them!

Who Do You Know?

Maybe you just don’t think the opportunity is right for you. Still, you may know someone who is right for it. We all know people who would like to earn a little extra money, or even someone who wants to make a six-figure income. I love referrals and would love it if you send those folks my way! I do have referral gifts for you when that person joins my team, so be sure they tell me you sent them!

South Hill Designs

Don’t be the person a year from now who wishes they had taken advantage of this amazing opportunity! Let’s chat soon!

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