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This last week has been one where I’ve had several people asking about the opportunities with South Hill Designs and the age old question of “what’s in it for me?” That’s always a good question to pose as you seek just the right opportunity for your own life.

Be Passionate

I believe it starts with finding something you can be be passionate about. If you really love your products, it’s easy to share them with others. For me, South Hill Designs is that choice. I love that it’s about telling stories. I also love that each piece of jewelry that’s created is unique to the person wearing it. Many women are looking for something that’s unique and not the same thing everyone else is wearing.

The storytelling experience is what speaks to me the most. When you are at a social and people start sharing their stories, it’s amazing. In some of my own experiences, it’s the first time they’ve ever shared that part of their story with someone as we chat about what they will include in their locket. As human beings, we all want to be heard and be connected to others. This promotes those connections.

Making a Difference

This is the part I really love. I’m very blessed to have found an opportunity that I can share with others, one that has the potential to change their life. When my team meets, we often share our own personal goals and how this will lead to accomplishing those. If it’s as simple as providing something extra for your family, it’s there. Maybe it’s someone who wants to save some something special or a special trip. That can happen too. Some of us want to have the pride of knowing that we built a business that’s completely ours.

It doesn’t stop with just sharing the opportunity, however. It goes on to the mentoring and coaching that we do for each other. It’s about belonging, belonging to something great that indeed makes a difference. Sometimes that difference is in the lives of customers who experience a way to share their story. Sometimes the difference is in sharing that story with another person who joins the team and sees their dreams become a reality.

I believe we are given blessings in life to share with others. Being a part of this company is one of those blessings that I’d love to share with you as well. If you’re interested in learning how you can become a part of something awesome, email me and let’s chat!

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