Create Your Locket and Tell Your Story in Five Easy Steps

Designing that unique piece of jewelry that shares your story can be done in five easy steps.

Step One: Choose Your Locket

It all starts with selecting the locket you like. Maybe it’s gold, silver, rose gold, or even or exclusive pink lockets. Perhaps you prefer one with a little more bling and want to have one that has crystals around it. All of the crystals on the lockets are Swarovski crystals. The next part of this step is deciding which size you want–mini, medium, or large. Depending on the size of your charms, the mini will hold 1-3 charms, the medium holds 5-7 charms, and the large locket holds 7-12 charms.

Step Two: Choose A Coin

While coins are optional, many choose to add a coin to their locket with a word that is meaningful to them. You can also select from our beautiful screens to add an additional design to your locket.

Step Three: Select Your Charms

This is where you want to decide what story you want to represent in your locket. You will find charms for everyone and for all kinds of stories. Perhaps it’s a locket that represents your family. Maybe it’s a locket that shows your support for our military. Sometimes a locket represents the dreams one has for the future. And sometimes you just want a unique beautiful piece of jewelry that really doesn’t tell a story, but goes great with your outfit. It’s all possible!

Step Four: Choose a Chain

All South Hill Designs lockets come with an 18″ chain. If you prefer something longer, then you can purchase an additional chain. Find one that matches your style and you’re set!

Step Five: Add a Droplet

Droplets are made to hang on the side of your locket and can add to your story or add to the beauty of the locket. Select one that’s just right for you!

It’s really that simple! You can view our catalog online to browse the selections. Please be sure to have an artist’s number before ordering so that we can assist you. If you have questions, feel free to email us and we’ll help you create something awesome!

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