Teacher Locket

February was such an exciting month as we had our formal launch. The launch day specials were a huge success, adding 200 new artists and giving away 17 free starter kits! The company is poised for huge growth and I’m certainly excited to be a part of things.

Sneak Preview!

During our pre-launch phase, we haven’t had regular catalogs to show to people. I’ve had some made thanks to the help of other artists on my team and we’ve had some great things to work with. Friday the new catalog was announced in a sneak preview mode! It is beautiful, and you’re going to notice many new products! These products won’t be available to order for 2-3 weeks, but you can get a sneak preview now! Take a look and see how many new things you can find!

Sneak Preview Catalog

A Growing Team

With the growth in the company, that means our teams are growing. Team Sparkling Charms, which is my team name, is on the move and focused on adding to our team. Our mission, quite simply says this: We are a team who are inspired by the stories people tell when they build their locket. We inspire others to achieve their goals and dreams by supporting them in growing a business. We’d love to have you join us!

Nationwide Opportunities!

One of our team members said this week something that I believes sums it up very well: “I get to have parties, go to socials where I have fun helping women assemble a unique piece of jewelry that’s like no other. AND I get paid to do it!”

What are you waiting for? That could be you!

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