I’m excited to share our team with you in upcoming posts! Each post will feature one of the members of Team Charmed Inspiration with South Hill Designs! I’ll be doing a short interview with our team members here so you can get to know them a bit. Today, we have Jodie Wilt, who lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming!

Jodie WIlt South Hill Designs

Introduce yourself and share something about you and your family

I am Jodie Wilt and I have been married to a wonderful man for over 7 wonderful years. I have a little niece and nephew, who are the apple of my eye. I am a very outgoing happy person and a little too nice for my own good sometimes.

Why did you join South Hill Designs?

I joined South Hill Designs because I love the product and the many motivational women that who in the business. I have been a consultant for another direct sales company for 3 yrs and wanted to build a team, but there are so many consultants it was hard to find people to join me. South Hill Designs seemed like a great opportunity to do that since it is a ground floor opportunity and we have such beautiful pieces.

What is being with South Hill Designs going to allow you to accomplish?

Being with South Hill Designs will allow me to have some extra money so my husband and I are not struggling every month to pay bills. Also be able to have extra money to have fun, maybe travel like we want to and haven’t been able to because money is tight. It also gives me a way to spend more time with my husband and family.

Are you growing a team? Why should others consider joining?

I am growing a team because I want to give the opportunity to help others reach their financial goals and I love meeting and networking with other people. South Hill Designs is such a great company, their product is great quality, and there are so many great women who will help you grow your business.

Thanks, Jodie!

South Hill Designs really does give you a chance to create your own strong economy! In today’s world, that’s something we all need! Take a few minutes and read about our awesome opportunities! If you’d like more information on joining Jodie’s team, email us and we’d love to share it with you!

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