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Connie Tsai Clair
South Hill Designs

I believe I am a part of the best team at South Hill Designs. The leaders are very supportive and have so much wisdom to share. Today I interviewed my Director, Connie Tsai Clair. Here’s what Connie has to share with us.

Share a little about yourself

I was born in Nashville, but I consider myself a native Minnesotan because my parents moved here when I was 2 years old. I went to college here, met my husband here and we chose to raise our kids here! I am a busy mom of 2 boys and a very naughty chocolate lab puppy!

We often talk about finding our “why” for doing what we do. What is your “why” for joining South Hill Designs?

I have been a stay-at-home mom with my boys for the past 7 years. When my youngest started Kindergarten this fall, I was looking for a way to pay for the extras while still being available for my children after school and during the summertime. I did not want to go back to the corporate world because I wanted to continue to regularly volunteer in the classroom and sit on the PTO board. I was told about the opportunity with South Hill Designs from my good friend Terese Ciaccio (who is now my Senior Director) When I saw the products I fell in love and enrolled on the spot! I feel very blessed that I love what I do, get to work with fabulous people, and am earning an income managing my own successful, growing business. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Did you have a background in direct sales prior to joining SHD?

I was with Thirty-One for 6 months before I joined South Hill Designs. I am so thankful for that little bit of experience because it really taught me about the DS industry and helped me get a strong start with South Hill. This business is really for anyone from any background as long as they make it a priority to spend the time to work their business just a little bit each day.

You have risen in the ranks rapidly since joining SHD and were recently made Director in 3 1/2 months! Congratulations! How did you do it and how attainable is that for others?

Thank you! I can’t believe that it all happened so quickly! I started off just like everyone else, with a kit and a dream to own my own business! I view South Hill Designs and the opportunities that it brings as a gift so I made sure to share that gift with everyone who would listen. The opportunity to own your own business, work your own hours and make your dreams come true through hard work is something that I can’t help but share with others. I guess my excitement about South Hill Designs comes through when I speak and that has led to me building a rapidly expanding team!

If you could share your top three tips for success, what would they be?

1. Keep it positive- Your attitude is everything in this business. We all have our crabby days but if you keep yourself positive you will draw success to you!
2. Be Available- Team members that feel welcomed and supported are motivated to work their businesses and become a contributing part of the team.
3. Recognize and Incentivize- Most of us have never been publicly recognized and when we see our names mentioned it awakens a sense of pride and accomplishment! I hold fun contests with small prizes and my team comes alive with the spirit of competition!

Anything else you’d like to share?

In the short time I have been with SHD, I have learned so much about myself and have gained so much confidence! I had no idea that I could lead and train a team to such great success and I am constantly searching for books and other resources to make me better. I am not only helping to provide for my family with South Hill Designs, I am growing as a person and having fun doing it!

I’d like to thank Connie for agreeing to do this interview. She’s a very accessible leader and I love being a part of her team. You can meet Connie at our Opportunity Webinars being held tomorrow. If you haven’t signed up yet, now’s the time to do it. Hope to see you there!

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