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I’ve been reading a book titled Living With Intention, and it’s really given me food for thought. So many of us have goals for our life, even if we don’t call it a goal. I love the use of the word intention, because it really speaks to our desires for life.

Often what holds us back from some of those intentions is the financial means to make them happen. When I started my direct sales business, I had an intention of replacing a full time income. I also had an intention to return to Barbados for a visit, my husband’s home and a place we both love. In my first year, while I had a desire for those things, I realized that my “intention” really wasn’t working. It’s only by really examining the necessary steps that these intentions could become a reality. You see, intention requires action. It requires putting those intentions out to the universe, listening to what comes up that will get us there, and then taking action on those things.

In 2014, my direct sales business took our family to the point of having that full time income replaced. What a blessing to know that we no longer had to rely on employers who may decide to downsize their company, or may decide to cut hours on a “job.” This year, because of this business, we will be traveling to Barbados for that visit! I am beyond excited that when you have a plan AND work the plan, things happen!

So why share this with you? Because I want to help others live with intention. I want you to see those dreams you have recognized. It may not be a trip to Barbados. Maybe it’s simply some extra money to be able to do some fun things with your family. For those of you who are teachers, perhaps it’s a way to have that summer income on the months when you aren’t teaching. For others, it may be being able to be home with your children instead of going to an office every day.

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