You’ve seen how a ripple works. It’s that thing that happens when you throw a stone into a pond. It starts as just a tiny thing, and then it spreads! So, I want YOU to help me create a ripple!

I just got back from the Youngevity conference last night. It was such an amazing event, and I have so much to share, so watch for lots of updates this week! Today, I want to talk about that ripple!

Do You Like to Save Money?

One of our latest products is actually a service, Cartripple. It’s a great app, available forĀ  both iPhones and Androids, and it’s an amazing shopping app! So, it does two things: Helps you save money AND gives you cash back on all of your purchases! Who doesn’t love that!

It works like this: You create an account, which is totally free! Then start shopping! As you shop in the stores, and there are hundreds of them, you earn cash back on your purchases! There are also special deals where you save even more by having Cartripple!

But wait! That’s not all! Ever been in the store, see something you’d like, and wonder if you’re finding the very best price? Let me tell you a story. My grandmother was THE bargain shopper. She would find something on sale, buy it. The next day, she’d be in a different store, find it cheaper, return the original purchase and go back and get the cheaper one. I remember one year she returned the same blow dryer that she had bought for a gift about five times, all because she found a better price! Now, I don’t believe we ever had the heart to point out to her that she was spending way more in gas than she was saving, because she was always so proud that she found a lower price.

No more of that! Here’s how it works today with Cartripple: You’re in the store, and you find that product. You pull out your phone, scan the bar code, and the app will tell you prices through the stores on Cartripple! Find it cheaper, save money AND get cash back on your purchase! How awesome is that?!

The Anatomy of the Ripple

Okay, so why a ripple? Because we ALL shop online, at least most of us do! The ripple? Well, that happens when I refer you, you refer your friends, and so on and so on! Why is the ripple important? Because the more people we have using the app, the better deals we get! Think about that! More people, better prices, better deals! Are you with me?!

Let’s get this Ripple started!

Okay, so let’s do this! Here’s how it works! Get your free Cartripple account! Then shop, save money, and get cash back! Share this with your friends too! The holidays are coming soon! Start earning cash back now and use it to help pay for some of that holiday shopping!

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