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There are so many people considering a new opportunity in the direct sales industry. Sometimes it’s tough to know which choice to make. And those choices aren’t just about which company, but also which team within that company. I often see discussions online about how to choose just the right mentor or leader for someone’s new venture. I applaud those who make this decision very carefully because the support you have can make or break your new business. I believe it’s one of the most important decisions one can make when getting started. Here are a few tips for you in making that decision.

Choosing a Team

  • Ask about the team they are a part of. Does the team have a track record for success? Ask for some specific examples. How will that play into your own personal goals?
  • Look for someone who has leadership experience. Some people are great at sales, but don’t have a leadership background. That can make it tough for them to help you achieve the success you want to achieve. Good leaders lead, they don’t manage. Ask questions so that you can determine which style this person has. Don’t hesitate to ask about teams they have led before and what kind of success they have had, whether those teams were in direct sales or not.
  • Will the leader be available to do your training and answer questions you might have? Are they truly committed to your personal success? As a leader myself, my greatest sense of satisfaction comes from seeing the success of my team. I am truly blessed to be a part of that.
  • Does geography matter? I actually don’t believe it does in today’s world. While there are definite benefits to being in close geographic proximity to your leader, the technology we have today doesn’t require it. It’s also likely that you will find others with the same company in your area for networking. My team is from all areas of the country and we find creative ways to get together and stay connected.
  • Ask about available resources. Does your leader provide resources in the way of training, tips, tools and such to help you build your business? If you have these, it means you don’t have to create everything yourself but will have some tools to create success!
  • Join a Director Building Team!

    With South Hill Designs, I belong to a bigger team than just my own team. That team is a director building team! What does that mean? It means we have four of the six directors for the entire company on our team. We have the first Executive Director. And all of that in just six short months! It means this group knows how to build directors and get people promoted and on your way to an awesome future! Wouldn’t you love to be a part of that for YOUR future? If so, let’s chat!

    Email me and find out how you can become a part of this awesome opportunity and position yourself for success!

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