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For those who have been there, you know how it works. You’re in school, juggling a schedule for classes, studying, and that job that helps you have money while you’re in school. For many, that may mean that part-time job that gives you a very part-time income. I remember my college days when a group of us would get together and pool our money so that we could do something fun. Jobs are hard to come by in today’s economy, which makes the challenge even greater. Maybe you’re not in college yet, but you are working on figuring out how to save money for college.

Opportunities in direct sales are perfect for students. Let’s explore a few reasons why that’s true.


Students need flexible schedules. We have that! Schedule our parties around your school schedule. Work your business when you have time during your busy schedule.

Better Income!

Okay so you can find a job in a bookstore, at the mall, or many other places. It might pay minimum wage, and it could even pay a bit more. So let’s just go with that for a minute. Suppose you work 20 hours a week and you are lucky enough to find something that pays $10 an hour. That gives you $200 a week in your pocket. It also takes 20 hours out of your schedule in the week.

Suppose you had a business with a direct sales company. Our basic compensation plan starts at 20% and goes to 40%. So let’s be conservative and say you’re in the mid range at 30%. You host a party, share the amazing products with your friends, show them how trendy they can be by designing their own look and style. On average, I invest about three to four hours on a party. Now suppose you have an “average” party and have $500 in sales. You’ve just made $150 for that three to four hours of work, AND you’ve had fun doing it!

If you took that same 20 hours a week and worked your business, you could do four parties a week. Using the numbers above, your weekly income would be $600, all for the same investment of your time! Which would you prefer?

Share Your Style, Have Fun!

South Hill Designs Bangles
Our new Urban Vintage look is quite popular. Imagine having fun sharing the products and showing others how they can create their own unique style. We all enjoy a fun night out with friends, and this is a perfect way to provide that for others.

Save for College

What if you’re not in college yet? It’s still the perfect opportunity for you! Earn while you’re preparing for college and build your college fun. You can become a South Hill Designs artists if you are at least 14, with parental approval.

Own Your Own Business!

Being a business owner is very rewarding. Imagine being able to say you own your own business. You’re the boss, you set your schedule, and you control your income. Where else can you do that?! You can even add people to your team, creating even more income for yourself.

What Are You Waiting For?

There is no better time than now to get started! I would love to have you on my team and mentor you! With South Hill Designs, you can start for as little as $59 and be on your way to earning while you’re learning. Take advantage of all that offers you today and let’s chat!

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