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Today we have a guest post from Turbo Nicholls. Turbo is my wonder dog, and he joined me on this journey 10 years ago this month. Note that while the words are his, I type for him because he doesn’t have thumbs and can’t type this himself. Enjoy!

Hi, my name is Turbo Nicholls, and I’m the wonder dog who lives in the Nicholls’ house. I’m a very lucky dog because this is my forever home.

Ten years ago, I was living in a foster home. My foster mom was nice, but she had three big dogs of her own. I longed for a home of my own, a place that I could call home and not feel like a visitor. Because I am part Chow-Chow, finding my forever home was hard. I stayed in my foster home for 10 months. I must say I was beginning to think I wouldn’t find a forever home and would be sharing my foster home with three dogs for the rest of my time. Don’t misunderstand, my foster mom was awesome. Still, she just wasn’t “mine” and I wanted that.

One day we had two visitors. One of them was my mom. Imagine my excitement when she put a leash on me and took me for a walk. I wondered if maybe she would be the one to take me home! She spent a lot of time talking with my foster mom about me. I spent my time just sitting by her and letting her pet me. It was so wonderful.

The next thing I knew, I had a new collar and leash, and I was going for a ride in the car with this new mom. It was true–I had found a forever home! What a blessing. When I got to my new home, I found I was the only dog too! I could be completely spoiled. I got all of the dog love and I had my mom all to myself. Now I have both a mom and a dad. My life is good.

Now to why I’m writing this. I was really lucky to have that foster home. It was provided by a group called A New Leash on Life. They took me in, found me a foster home, and never gave up looking for a forever home for me. Without them, I could have lived forever on the streets, or worse yet, ended up in one of those places where dogs disappear! I am so grateful for them.

It’s time for me to give back. I have a great way to do that now and so I’m asking you to help me out. My mom sells some beautiful lockets from a placed called South Hill Designs. They’re going to help me do a fundraiser for those folks who took care of me all that time. Here’s how it will work:

  • You purchase a ticket for $5. You can buy as many tickets as you’d like to have!
  • Each ticket gives you one entry into our contest here.
  • This will run ONLY through April 25, so you have to act fast!
  • The winner gets to use the total in sales (minus the fees my mom pays to sell these tickets) to buy their very own locket that tells a story! Winner will be notified on April 26 so get your ideas ready about what you’d select if you win. Also note that the winner will be responsible for tax and shipping. Think about it: IF we sell just 40 tickets, you will have around $200 to spend in your prize!
  • The best part? 10% of the total sales will be donated to those folks who helped me at A New Leash on Life! They can always use some help, and I am excited to be able to do that!
  • Okay so come on and help out! Everyone can afford only $5! It’s for a great cause and lets me do something to give back for all that was given to me! I am counting on all of you to give a hand here!


    Would you also do me a favor and share this using the share bar on the left of this post? Share it with your friends, ask them to get involved, and let’s do some great things for this group because they are awesome! Without them, I wouldn’t be celebrating my 10-year anniversary in my forever home! Thanks for all you can do to help!

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