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South Hill Designs, a party plan company, has been rapidly growing in “pre-launch” mode since October 2012. The company has now announced its full launch for February 25th, with a series of events and promotions across the United States.

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South Hill Designs, a new jewelry company, has just announced that its full launch is scheduled for February 25th, 2013. South Hill lets customers create their own jewelry from a range of lockets, charms and chains. For the prior four months, the company has experienced accelerating growth across America.

“Our product concept is irresistible,” says newly appointed Director of Sales Amy Faircloth. “It’s one thing to just buy jewelry. It’s another to create the jewelry that expresses your unique story. That’s what South Hill is all about: people finding ways to show the world what they love.”

Even before its official launch, South Hill Designs has experienced growth way beyond its founders’ expectations. Starting in Scottsdale, Arizona with a handful of independent distributors (called “Artists”), the company has fanned out across the country. There are now over 650 Artists operating in 48 states, hosting or organizing socials where customers select their pieces and create their jewelry together.

“It’s hard to imagine a better product for our business model,” Faircloth says. “Getting together to design your own jewelry, swapping stories, comparing creations—now that’s what you can call a social!”

Founders Joe Ochoa and Brian Palmer have been careful to match the rapid growth in customers with an equivalent expansion of the product line. “It’s important that our Artists, hostesses and customers keep seeing new innovations from South Hill,” Ochoa explains. “We’ve released dozens of new charms and lockets over the past four weeks alone.”

For the launch on February 25th, the company plans to organize simultaneous “Opportunity Events” in every state where it is operating. These will be hosted by local Artists in homes, restaurants, places of worship or hotels, depending on the size of the audience. There will be special drawings and incentives for those who enroll several new distributors.

“Even though we are already growing and successful, our official launch is a major milestone,” Palmer explains. “This is the day when we say, ‘Hello World, South Hill Designs has arrived!’ From the 25th onward, we are fully prepared for a major new surge in growth all across the United States.”

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