“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much because they live in the grey twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat” – Theodore Roosevelt

I love this quote by Theodore Roosevelt. So many times we think we should step out of our comfort zones and try something new, yet something holds us back. Often that something is fear, sometimes fear of failure, but also sometimes it’s fear of success. Yes, you heard that right. Sometimes we’re afraid to be successful.

We all know people whose life just seems to be going the wrong way. every time you talk to them, it’s a never ending stream about things that just don’t work. Suggest a different approach and there’s a reason why that won’t work. Suggest trying something totally new, and they’ve probably already done that. Those are some of the people who spend their lives in that grey twilight.

Sometimes Victory Comes Checkered with Defeat

When I’m working on my business, I always have a plan. It might go something like this: I will book 7 socials this month, I will have at least two new team members, and I will have a minimum of $xx in sales. And I get those bookings, and sales are coming in, and i may even get three new team members. And then a booking cancels, or a potential recruit changes their mind. We will all have those ups and downs in our lives, and that includes in our business. It’s during those times that we make the decision about whether to keep pushing an dare mighty things!

Dare Mighty Things

I believe when we dare mighty things, we find the path that allows us to make a difference. In my own life, I’ve chosen to center around things that make a difference for others. Sometimes that means my family. Sometimes it means my team members. In what we do at South Hill Designs, I believe this always means our customers. It’s a simple commitment to do things that matter to others.

When I am able to see the look on someone’s face as they tell their story and find ways to express it in the locket they create, it makes a difference. You see, we all have stories and we all want to share them. When our team celebrates someone’s small victory, or even a large one, it makes a difference. Everyone needs people who believe in them and cheer them along the way. It is the reason for doing this for me and one that i feel truly blessed to be able to have a part in.

What if?

Now let me ask you a question. What if you took that one opportunity that would make a difference? What if that one opportunity could change your life? Would you take it? There are those opportunities available through South Hill Designs, and i see them every day.

Don’t choose to live your life in the grey twilight that knows neither defeat nor victory. Take the step today to do mighty things!

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