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Products | Inspiration Station

Rose Gold Winter Locket

Magnabilities custom insert

Spice Up Your Life!

Spice Up Your Life!

Oil Cuff

Magnabilities key chain

Products Archives

Black Friday Weekend!

It’s that time of year again! Black Friday sales abound and at Youngevity, it’s no different. Take a look at the awesome deals we have for this weekend and ways you can save on your holiday shopping!

Holiday Gift Guide

For many, it starts with the Holiday Gift Guide. These are special deals and suggestions for everyone on your gift giving list. If you’d like to view the guide as a PDF, you can find it here: 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

You can also see the gift guide online here: Online Holiday Gift Guide Just click on “shop now” to see all of the awesome gifts available.

But, wait! View the guide and make your shopping list because I’m about to give you lots of ways to save and get even more deals!


Who doesn’t love free shipping?! Every order, no matter the size, from now through Monday evening will be given free shipping IF the items are from the gift guide. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t order other things, it just means you will pay a nominal fee for things that aren’t in the gift guide.

Small Business Saturday and Sunday Savings!

An even bigger deal! Shop from our gift guide on Saturday or Sunday and save 10% on anything that you choose from the gift guide! What a great way to maximize your savings and get more of those gifts taken care of! This is in addition to the free shipping!

Extras, Extras, Extras!

Then there’s the little extra perks along the way! Take a look!

  • With ANY order of at least $75, you get to pick one item for half price. That’s one half price item for each multiple of $75!
  • If you order at least $100 in Mialisia jewelry (that includes our awesome lockets), you also get an extra gift! These gifts are different all the time and have been amazing!
  • If your order is $200, you will receive two months of our Identity Protect PLUS program completely free, a $60 value! With all of the breaches and hacking happening these days, this is a great deal to be sure your identity is protected!
  • ALL WEEKEND: Our social selling team is doing drawings all weekend, about every two hours. Place an order, you’re in the drawing for a free prize! You could be our next winner!

    Join us Online!

    If you’d like to just relax, have some fun, and join us online, I’m doing a fun online party all weekend! Just join my VIP group and you’ll get an invite! Inspiration Station VIP Lounge

    Ready, Set, Go!

    Ready to get started shopping? Avoid the crowds and shop online! Love the crowds? Go do that shopping and then come back to get more deals from these amazing specials! Whatever your passion is, it’s doable! And even better? You can shop at wholesale prices! That’s right, this weekend, you get to shop at MY prices!

    When your list is ready, you can shop at this link! Let’s get this party started! Black Friday Weekend Party

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  • Let’s Create a Ripple!


    You’ve seen how a ripple works. It’s that thing that happens when you throw a stone into a pond. It starts as just a tiny thing, and then it spreads! So, I want YOU to help me create a ripple!

    I just got back from the Youngevity conference last night. It was such an amazing event, and I have so much to share, so watch for lots of updates this week! Today, I want to talk about that ripple!

    Do You Like to Save Money?

    One of our latest products is actually a service, Cartripple. It’s a great app, available for  both iPhones and Androids, and it’s an amazing shopping app! So, it does two things: Helps you save money AND gives you cash back on all of your purchases! Who doesn’t love that!

    It works like this: You create an account, which is totally free! Then start shopping! As you shop in the stores, and there are hundreds of them, you earn cash back on your purchases! There are also special deals where you save even more by having Cartripple!

    But wait! That’s not all! Ever been in the store, see something you’d like, and wonder if you’re finding the very best price? Let me tell you a story. My grandmother was THE bargain shopper. She would find something on sale, buy it. The next day, she’d be in a different store, find it cheaper, return the original purchase and go back and get the cheaper one. I remember one year she returned the same blow dryer that she had bought for a gift about five times, all because she found a better price! Now, I don’t believe we ever had the heart to point out to her that she was spending way more in gas than she was saving, because she was always so proud that she found a lower price.

    No more of that! Here’s how it works today with Cartripple: You’re in the store, and you find that product. You pull out your phone, scan the bar code, and the app will tell you prices through the stores on Cartripple! Find it cheaper, save money AND get cash back on your purchase! How awesome is that?!

    The Anatomy of the Ripple

    Okay, so why a ripple? Because we ALL shop online, at least most of us do! The ripple? Well, that happens when I refer you, you refer your friends, and so on and so on! Why is the ripple important? Because the more people we have using the app, the better deals we get! Think about that! More people, better prices, better deals! Are you with me?!

    Let’s get this Ripple started!

    Okay, so let’s do this! Here’s how it works! Get your free Cartripple account! Then shop, save money, and get cash back! Share this with your friends too! The holidays are coming soon! Start earning cash back now and use it to help pay for some of that holiday shopping!

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    Pick Your Passion!

    Pick Your passion

    The more I learn about Youngevity, the more I love it. There are so many choices! Today I thought I’d share a few of the things our family is using with you so you can see the diversity and maybe even check some out for yourself!

    For Our Health

    We are both using the Health Body Packs. Packed with the 90 essential nutrients for a healthy life, this has made a definite difference for us. I’m learning so much about how even healthy eating isn’t enough because our soil doesn’t have the nutrients in it anymore. So now I have less arthritis pains and have even lost a little weight!

    Energy! Who needs more? There are two great products that have become a part of my daily routine! They are Pollen Burst and Rebound FX. Let me tell you why. Last week I was in Texas for my father’s funeral. Between the heat and the stress, I found myself in total meltdown mode. I get the phrase “heat cramps” now. Severe cramps, profuse sweating, and almost a foggy brain, and I thought I was headed for the emergency room. In about 10 minutes after getting into a cooler place and drinking these two awesome products together, everything changed. My head cleared, the cramps stopped, and I was feeling normal. Pure water won’t do that! I was so glad it worked because I sure don’t like hospital emergency rooms in strange towns!


    Coffee, isn’t it a food group?! I love our coffee, and it’s healthy. Personally I like my coffee flavored. In the past I have used a french Vanilla coffee creamer. No more! Our French Vanilla coffee is so smooth you just don’t need it! Imagine all of those calories I no longer consume with just that small change! Speaking of losing weight, we even have a diet coffee that aids in weight loss! Seriously, this coffee is so amazing. I also love that it’s part of the Be The Change Foundation and so every time I purchase coffee, I’m helping support charitable organizations. How cool is that!

    The Health of Our Fur Baby

    If you follow me on social media, you know that Turbo, The Wonder Dog, is our baby. He’s getting up in years at 15 and really starting to have some arthritis issues. We started him on Arthridex. Two weeks in, he was no longer dragging his back legs when he tried to stand up. After a month, my watch dog was back and he was actually barking at people and other dogs he saw outside! Last week, he went out in the back yard, then opened the gait and took himself for a walk down the street! He was so very proud of himself, although I’m working on making that gate more secure!

    For Beauty

    Who does love feeling beautiful?! Our mineral make up does just that! An all natural product without so many of the harmful things in it. The older I get, the more I understand the importance of not putting things on your skin that you don’t want to pay for later! I love our mineral make up. I also love our skin care line. My skin is firming up, my face is looking less “flawed” and it’s pretty amazing! And ladies, you know how that works. When we look good, we feel good!

    Shopping at Wholesale!

    I could go on and on, because there are so many more things to tell you about. That said, I’d like you to read the entire post and come back for more! So here’s the deal! See that form on the right? The one that has a short little survey about what kind of things you are interested in? I’m asking you to please stop and fill it out! Doing that will add you to my mailing list so you don’t miss things. It will also take you to a page with information about shopping at wholesale prices! Oh yes, and that page even has a little giveaway you can enter! So help me out and share your interests! I look forward to hearing about them!

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    Join South Hill Designs

    I just returned from the South Hill Designs Inspire conference this week. What an amazing meeting. It was full of networking, education, fun, and new products. We were certainly treated to some very special things while there.

    One of the best things about being with this company is the friendships you make along the way. I’m very fortunate to have some of the best mentors in the company and be a part of an awesome team. Here’s our team picture, taken one day during conference with the owners.

    South Hill Designs

    New Products

    Over 100 new products were released at this conference, including a brand new patent-pending linkable locket!

    Lockets, Rings and Tassels

    One of my favorites is the new octagon-shaped locket Then we have the “rings” which fit inside the lockets, sort of like a “hug” for your charms! Add a new tassel and you’re set to go! I absolutely love the new leather tassels too! They add such a great pop of color!

    South Hill Designs Octagon Locket

    New Charms!

    Of course, no product release would be complete without new charms! Here are a few that were added!

    South Hill Designs New Charms

    South Hill Designs New Charms

    The Opportunity

    Our business opportunity is still the very best thing we offer! It can be life-changing. For my family, it has allowed so much to happen and we have been incredibly blessed. I invite you to take a few minutes and watch this short video. After you have watched it, I would love to connect! with you and hear what you think! Are you ready to change your life? I’d love to welcome you to the team!

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    South Hill Designs June Updates

    Wow, yesterday was a very exciting day! We had our monthly Livestream where we go over rewards, recognition, new products, and new incentives! I have so much to share with you!

    Share The Love

    Perhaps the biggest announcement was that our “Share The Love” promotion for joining South Hill Designs has been extended! That’s right! You can still save on the Social Essentials Kit through June 30! This kit has $900 US in products! It’s a great tool to start your new business! Now on sale in the US, Canada, and Mexico, this is sure to get you off on the right foot in growing your business and making a difference for yourself and your family!

    South Hill Designs Kit Sale

    Also during this time, the first level of our 100 Days to Success program is doubled! That means when you hit that first incentive reward, you receive $300 US in additional FREE products instead of $150! Many of the artists on my team have hit this incentive within their first two weeks! It’s totally doable.

    So let’s do the math! For this exercise, I’ll use the US pricing. You purchase the Social Essentials Kit on sale for $249. For that, you receive $900 in products. These can be used for your display or they can be used for cash sales, your choice! Then you make that first incentive, so you earn an additional $300 in free products! But wait, there’s more! Reaching that incentive means you have made an additional $750 in sales! So, you also earn $150 in commission on those sales! In the end, that means you spend $100 (after receiving your commission) out of pocket and you have $1200 in jewelry! Where else can you make an investment like that?!

    South Hill Designs Artist Incentive

    Wait! That’s not all! There is an awesome artist incentive for June. Every artist who reaches a bonus volume of $1800 this month, also receives this beautiful set! It’s a sparkle locket and it’s not available for purchase! But for artists, in the month of June, it can be free!

    New Products!

    Of course, we are always adding new products! This month is no exception! One of my favorites already is the new bracelets we are adding! I love our bracelets and how they can be put together with a locket to make a complete look! Here are the new bracelets we are adding this month!

    South Hill Designs New Bracelets

    Do you love putting a screen in your locket? I love how they can completely change the look! I can have the very same charms and just by changing my screen, I have a totally different locket! This month, we have some awesome new screens as well! Take a look!

    South Hill Designs New Screens

    And of course, charms! So many new charms! This month, we have a total of 21 new charms to give you even more choices for your lockets! Which is your favorite?

    South Hill Designs New Charms

    Another thing I am fast falling in love with are our tassels. These just add some sophistication, no matter how you wear them. Add them to your locket chain, or wear them on a bracelet! They just say classy! These are now available in all all four colors–silver, gold, graphite, and rose gold.

    South Hill Designs Tassels

    There are more new things, but I’ll save that for later this week! It’s exciting to be a part of a company that is always innovating and looking for ways to be on the cutting edge of fashion! I love being able to share that with all of you!

    What’s Next?

    Now it’s up to you! Is now the time for you to start your new business with South Hill Designs? I would love to welcome you to the team! Maybe you’d really like to get some of the new things! You can shop directly on my site!

    If you’re ready to change things for yourself and your family and get that new business going, I want to hear from you! This opportunity has been an incredible blessing for my family and I would love to help you find that same success! Let’s Connect!

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    South Hill Designs: Two Great Sales

    It’s that time again! Our Temptation Sale is in full swing and you can save on this gorgeous set! This month, this includes a gorgeous Pool Blue Crystal Beaded Wrap, a timeless Silver ‘Love’ Bar Necklace and a pair of Silver Tone South Hill Flower Stud Earrings. It’s a set you won’t want to miss, and all at a savings of 30%! But don’t hesitate, this one disappears at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning! You can find this under the “Monthly Musts” section of my site.

    South Hill Designs Temptation Sale

    Also introduced this week is our lovely June Locket of the Month. June is a month for many weddings and anniversaries. Imagine what a great gift this makes for those special events, or even for celebrating the love of your life. This package is also on sale for a great savings. This one can be found under the “Deals and Steals” section on my website.

    South Hill Designs June Locket of the Month

    So many ways to save and snag some great deals! But don’t wait, as the temptation sale ends tomorrow morning and the June Locket of the Month is only while supplies last! If you’d like to have these, be sure to get them now!

    Happy Shopping!

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    It’s been another exciting week at our company! So many people have asked about really making a customized charm for their locket! Now you can! That’s right, we now have Design it Yourself (DIY) charms!

    Let me share a short video with you on how it works!

    From pictures of your children, to a picture of your furbaby! The possibilities are endless! What would you put in your own special charm? Available May 13! Plan to get yours early!

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    New Trends by South Hill Designs

    I love April. One of the reasons I love it is that it’s one of the months when we do new product reveals. It tends to be an exciting time as the company announces new things that we can offer to customers. This month is no different!


    South Hill Designs Turquoise

    Turquoise is simply timeless. These new items are sure to be a show stopper to add to your collection. From the wrap to the crystal embellishment, they are definitely things I plan to add! You can order yours here! And while you’re there, don’t miss those new earrings!

    New Charms

    Of course, we always add new charms! I love that many of these come from requests from our customers. Take a look and tell me which one is your favorite!

    South Hill Designs New Charms

    Dream Collection!

    Summer will soon be here and the Dream collection is perfect! Every wardrobe can use something in white! And check out the awesome pink wrap! I love the look of these new items as well and am already planning for all of the ways I use use them to accessorize outfits! How about you?

    South Hill Design Dream Collection

    And Then There’s Purple!

    It’s no secret to those who know me that my very favorite color is purple! It’s just a regal color. I am absolutely in love with the new purple embellishment! Pair that with a studded wrap or a beaded wrap, and you’re set! It is perhaps my favorite new thing!

    South Hill Designs Purple

    The Best Offer of All!

    While I love new products and new things, the very best offer we have with South Hill Designs is the opportunity to own your own business. It is a life-changing opportunity. I’ve seen it in my own personal life, and I see it in the lives of my team members. It’s what allows mothers to be home with their children, families to be able to do the things they have wanted to do, and even allowed others to leave that corporate job that they aren’t very happy with.

    With Mother’s Day upon us and graduation soon to follow, this is an ideal time to start your new business! The opportunity is available in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. I would love to share it with you! Check out the information on my website or email me and let’s connect! A year from now, you will wish you had started today!

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    South Hill Designs Spring Product Reveal

    I love our Reveal times! Four times during the year, we have a great Livestream event where new products are revealed. You can feel the excitement, even through the online event. Today was no exception! So, let me show you what’s new and exciting!

    New Colors!

    I love the trends and how we always seem to come out with things just in time for what’s the latest trend! Whether it’s turquoise, white, leopard, or purple, we have it! Take a look at some of these beauties!

    South Hill Designs Turquoise Wrap

    South Hill Designs Purple Embellishment

    Now purple happens to be my favorite color and I cannot wait to get this new embellishment! I also love the turquoise and how it just pops with color.

    And how about some pink and white!

    South Hill Designs Pink and White Wrap

    There are so many different looks you can create. These are great pieces to add to what you already have!

    New Charms

    Of course, no product release would be complete without new charms! Here are the latest additions!

    South Hill Designs New Charms

    Which is your favorite?

    Rolo Bracelets!

    These have fast become my favorites to wear. I love pairing them all together for a great look. I am especially found of the graphite bracelet and get so many compliments on it! You can also add the bangle charms to these awesome bracelets!These are also shown at the top of this page!

    South Hill Designs Rolo Bracelets

    Browse the New Things!

    Want to see all of the new products in one place? If you’d like to see everything together and browse to pick your favorites, just download the new product guide! It’s free to download, and I would love to help you get what you love today. Want to get it free? Have a party with me! Ask me how!

    Insert US KN

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    South Hill Designs March Specials

    Spring is almost here! I, for one, cannot wait for spring to arrive. This morning it has snowed at our house. The trees are covered with ice, which is beautiful, and yet I am excited that spring is on the way and we will soon see flowers start to bloom and things start to turn green. This week has been exciting at South Hill Designs. We have announced so many fun specials and incentives. So, let’s get started!

    New Artist Incentives

    South Hill Designs Join Incentives

    The rolo chain bracelets are brand new (see more below)! This month every new person who joins my team with either the Social Essentials or the Social Starter kit will receive this free! You will receive both the rolo chain bracelet and the South Hill Designs flower charm. It’s an extra incentive and exclusive to those who join in March! I’m looking for five new team members this month. Do you want to build a business and create additional income for your family? If so, let’s connect!

    New Products!

    South Hill Designs Rolo Bracelet

    I have always loved our bangle bracelet. Look at these! This is the new rolo chain bracelet, and it will be available for customers the first of April! I cannot wait to get the graphite bracelet because it reminds me so much of a gun metal color and I love that look. Our charms will also attach to these and they will go great with all of the other arm candy you wear! Do you want one before April 1? Join my team! They will be available early to all artists at a discounted price!

    Love a Sale!

    Who doesn’t love a sale! We have so many promotions this month. From St. Patrick’s Day charm packs and a locket, Easter charm packs and a special Easter locket, and our locket of the month! All of these are on sale this month, with a 30% savings! Which is your favorite? You can order these right on my website under the promotions tab!

    • South Hill Designs St. Patricks Day Charm Pack
    • South Hill Designs Easter Charms
    • South Hill Designs St Patrick Day Locket
    • South Hill Designs Easter Locket

    March Locket of the Month
    South Hill Designs March Locket

    Hostess Specials!

    Is your wish list bigger than your pocketbook? Mine often is! I have a solution for you! Have a fun night out with your friends and earn those things you want for free! This month, all hostesses who have at least a $500 party will receive an extra gift! It’s our bangle bracelet and it is beautiful! You will also receive the Celtic Knot charm to go on your bracelet! Not local to me? No problem! I do Facebook parties! Let’s connect! and schedule your fun night out with friends today!

    South Hill Designs March Host Special

    Which Will You Choose?

    So many specials, so much to celebrate! Which one will YOU choose? I can’t wait to connect!

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