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Inspirational | Inspiration Station - Part 2

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Spice Up Your Life!

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Inspirational Archives

Remembering 9/11

South Hill Designs 9/11

It seems hard to believe that it has been 14 years since that fateful day when our world changed. And yet, today we honor that day and remember those who lost their lives in the terror attacks on the United States on 9/11.

Even though 14 years have passed, I still remember the day vividly. I was visiting family in Colorado, and currently lived right outside of Washington, DC. My then husband was at home. When we got up that morning, we turned on the television just in time to see the first plane hit the Twin Towers. And then the next one. I was at a hotel with my brother and remember begging him to go get his children from school when it became apparent that America was under attack. And then the Pentagon was hit. My husband happened to be riding the train to work about that time, and his train passed right around the Pentagon. It took me almost two hours before I could get through to his office to find that he had arrived at work and was okay. Then the courageous passengers who took the plane down before it could make its way to the DC area, avoiding yet another tragedy and giving their lives in the process.

This was one of those things where many of us, at least I did, found ourselves glued to the television. It was horrific to watch, and yet impossible to tear yourself away. So many tears were shed watching those events unfold. Yes, our world had changed, and changed drastically. It was a time when we learned that the country we loved was vulnerable to those who wanted to harm us.

And while all of those things were terrible, there are other memories of that time. These are the ones I choose to focus on in remembering that time in our world.

I found myself stuck in Colorado because at least in the beginning, no planes were being allowed to fly into the DC area and my flight was to Dulles airport. On September 15, I took the first flight allowed to fly into Dulles. It is a day I will never forget. I remember a pilot giving instructions to a very frightened group of passengers about how we could react and do something if our plane was hijacked. I recall flight attendants who encouraged us to introduce ourselves to our neighbors because today we were all family. I remember a sense of empowerment that settled on all of us that day, a sense of knowing that while we had been attacked, we would not be defeated. It was a pride in who we are and everything our country stood for. I remember the courage displayed, from our first responders, to every day folks who just helped others along the way.

How much our world has changed in 14 years! Social media as we know it today didn’t exist then. Things were done via email. On my return home, I sent an email to friends to tell them about our flight home. If you’d like to read more about it, you can find it here. (Yes, I had a different last name then.)

Forever engrained in my mind are the last words of our pilot right before we took off that day on our way to Dulles. It was, simply, “It is no mistake that the US Constitution begins with the words ‘we, the people” because today that is who we are, THE people, and we will not be defeated.” And in that speech, those powerful words calmed us and reminded us that we are a might nation indeed. Today, as we pause to remember those lost lives on that date, I encourage you to remember that indeed, we ARE the people. We live in a powerful nation, one that is strong and will not be defeated. Our world changed that day, and yet it did not change who we are, a strong and powerful people.

What is your greatest memory of 9/11? I’d love to hear it.

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Living With Intention

Intentional Living

I’ve been reading a book titled Living With Intention, and it’s really given me food for thought. So many of us have goals for our life, even if we don’t call it a goal. I love the use of the word intention, because it really speaks to our desires for life.

Often what holds us back from some of those intentions is the financial means to make them happen. When I started my direct sales business, I had an intention of replacing a full time income. I also had an intention to return to Barbados for a visit, my husband’s home and a place we both love. In my first year, while I had a desire for those things, I realized that my “intention” really wasn’t working. It’s only by really examining the necessary steps that these intentions could become a reality. You see, intention requires action. It requires putting those intentions out to the universe, listening to what comes up that will get us there, and then taking action on those things.

In 2014, my direct sales business took our family to the point of having that full time income replaced. What a blessing to know that we no longer had to rely on employers who may decide to downsize their company, or may decide to cut hours on a “job.” This year, because of this business, we will be traveling to Barbados for that visit! I am beyond excited that when you have a plan AND work the plan, things happen!

So why share this with you? Because I want to help others live with intention. I want you to see those dreams you have recognized. It may not be a trip to Barbados. Maybe it’s simply some extra money to be able to do some fun things with your family. For those of you who are teachers, perhaps it’s a way to have that summer income on the months when you aren’t teaching. For others, it may be being able to be home with your children instead of going to an office every day.

Join South Hill Designs

This month, South Hill Designs is having a sale, and it’s an awesome deal! Our Social Essentials kit, normally $299, is on sale for $249! That’s a $50 savings! But wait, there’s more! Our 100 Days to Success program, which normally gives you an opportunity to earn $150 in free products in your first 30 days, is now doubled! That’s right, earn your first promotion within 30 days, and you now get $300 in free products! That’s product that you can then sell at a party with your friends, increasing your income even more! The 100 Days to Success actually provides opportunities to earn a total of $600 in free products in your first 100 days. With this special, that increases to $750! Invite others to join you in this month of specials, and you also receive that wrap pictured here in the middle picture, also for free!

So, let’s connect!! Please allow me to be a part of your journey of living with intention. You can also check out the options for joining on my website! I would love be a part of your journey with you!

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South Hill Designs Locket Builder

What an exciting week it has been so far! As we near the two-year anniversary for South Hill Designs, we have some amazing news! Our virtual locket builder is now live! Giving customers the opportunity to actually build your locket online and see how it looks adds to the customer experience! The locket builder also offers “one click” shopping! Just build your locket and then click on “buy my design.” That will add your selection right into your shopping cart! No more wondering how something will look or if it fits!

We are so blessed by the innovation of this company. No other direct sales company offers you this feature. It’s an amazing addition to the things that South Hill Designs continues to do to make the customer experience better and support the artists in the company.

So, give it a test run! Check it out and build your locket today! I’d love to hear what you think!

Locket Builder

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South Hill Designs Reveal Conference

South Hill Designs Reveal Conference

Today is the day! It’s the very first Reveal Conference for South Hill Designs! I’m so excited that we’ll soon know what new products we will have and I cannot wait to see them. One thing we know about what’s coming is that we will have a locket ring! Yes, a ring!

What I love even more is that while this conference is being held in Orlando, the company has given us the opportunity to connect to the product reveal portion of the day live! That’s right, see it all live as the new things are revealed! No waiting for people to post pictures, no wondering if you got all of the pictures. Just join live! I love that innovation!

How would you like to join me? Today at 1:45 MST I am hosting an online Reveal party! That’s right! As a customer or a fan of South Hill Designs, you can join me and see the new products as they are revealed! Interested? You must register for the webinar below and seats are limited! Get yours now and I’ll see you at Reveal!

Secure Your Spot!

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South Hill Designs Canada

On October 15, we will celebrate our one-year anniversary of being in Canada with South Hill Designs. So much has happened in that year! When we started, we were not in Quebec. Recently, we have started adding artists in Quebec. The growth has been amazing.

For my team, the growth in Canada has been huge. In the past year, we have welcomed 110 new artists to Team Charmed Inspiration. We also celebrated 76 promotions for those same artists in this past year. Canada loves South Hill Designs, and our Canadian team members have sold over $250,600 in products this year. It’s been a very exciting year.

In honor of this anniversary, we have some very exciting specials to celebrate the day! Both of these specials are only good for 24 hours! These specials only run from 12:00 AM CST to 11:59 PM CST on October 15, 2014!

New Artist Special

South Hill Designs Canada

All new Canadian artists who join during this one day celebration with our small social kit ($218.90), will also receive the above anniversary promotion! This includes a 12 pack of our Swarovski birthstones, 1 rose gold metallic South Hill Signature Wrap, 3 large tree of life screens (silver, gold, and rose gold), and 1 “love” silver bar necklace! This pack is valued at $161.70 and comes as additional FREE products on this day!

The holiday shopping season has begun. Now is the perfect time to join and have a strong start to your new business as you share our products during the Christmas shopping season. Be sure to ask about our 100 Days to Success, which will also give you the opportunity to earn an additional $600 in free products in your first 100 days!

I would love to welcome you to our team during this anniversary celebration! Interested? Let’s Connect!

If you are ready to sign up, you can do so on my page.

New Canadian Customer Special

If you are a new customer from Canada, we have a special for you too! Place your order on my site on October 15, and receive a free gift! This will be our crystal heart charm and vanilla pearl pack, worth $11. It’s our way of saying thank you for joining us as a customer during this special anniversary. Order yours on October 15!

A Special Thank You

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Canadians who have joined me on this journey this past year. It’s been amazing, rewarding, and fun. Whether you have been a customer on my site or have joined my team, I appreciate you being a part of things this past year. I look forward to many more joining us this next year and cannot wait to see where it takes us!

Don’t wait! Take advantage of these specials starting at midnight CST on October 15, 2014! Want more information? Let’s Connect!

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What’s Your Personal Style?

Each woman has a unique style, a look that she loves to create! One of the things I love about South Hill Designs is that no matter what that look is, you can make it!

Today, I am offering a free Look Book to all of my fans who would like to see some ideas for creating a style that’s all yours! Get your today and browse for some ideas! With the holidays coming, now is a great time to start your own shopping and thinking about those on your Christmas gift list!

Your free Look Book will be on the way to you as soon as you fill out the form below!

Get Your Free Look Book Today!

* indicates required

Email Format

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Halloween Contest!

South Hill Designs Halloween Collection

Before we know it, Halloween will be here! The year sure seems to be flying by. I love our new Halloween collection. One of the things I love about our lockets is the ability to change what’s in them based on the occasion.

So it’s time for a contest! Here’s how it works:

  • For every $50 order, you receive one ticket into our drawing. (Order $100, receive 2 tickets, etc.)
  • Host a party for me, in person, a book party, or a virtual party, and receive two tickets! This is a win/win because my hostesses also earn free jewelry!
  • Join my team, receive 4 tickets!
  • The contest starts today and will go through October 20. That means your party must close before then as well! We will be doing a drawing to select the winner. Remember, the more tickets you collect, the better your chances are of winning!

    Who wants to start collecting tickets? Here are some links for you to get started!

    Place an order

    Contact me to host a fun night out with friends!

    Join my team!

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    Who Wants a Golden Ticket?

    South Hill Designs Golden Ticket

    The Golden Ticket has been a special thing since Charlie found one in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. That little golden ticket had the ability to change lives.

    This month, South Hill Designs will be awarding Golden Tickets during our Glam fest, coming later this month! And just like in the musical, your life could be changed!

    Tickets are available in the US, Canada, the UK, the Dominican Republic and Mexico!

    Now is the time to start your discussions! I have five openings this month to mentor new team members who want to grab their golden ticket while they are available. Will that be you? If you’re curious, let’s connect!

    In the meantime, enjoy this short video about the excitement of a Golden Ticket! Get in line to get yours today!

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    Network Marketing and The Opportunity

    Two years ago I really didn’t understand the term “network marketing” at all. If you separated the two words out, I was pretty good at both of those. I know how to network and build a network. I have experience in marketing and even hold an inbound marketing certification. But the two together? I wasn’t really sure how it worked or how it could benefit someone. Fast forward to today and my how things have changed!

    I believe there is a lot of hype around network marketing, or direct sales, opportunities. Just browse social media for the topic, and you will find lots of posts telling you that if you just join this team, or that company, well, you can practically be a millionaire overnight! It’s pretty sad actually. There is no attempt to build a relationship, no discussion about what the person wants, and frankly no talk about the work involved! If you watch these posts, it’s also not long until you see multiple posts talking about the feeling that network marketing is a scam. So let’s talk about what it is and what it isn’t.

    What It Isn’t

    First, it is not a get rick quick scheme. You will not be able to just sign up with a company and start making money on day one.

    It’s not an easy way to grow a team that provides you residual income. People will not flock to your opportunity, nor frankly do I think you want them to, but stay tuned for my thoughts on what it IS!

    It’s not a scam. There are people making six and seven figure incomes in network marketing. Are there scams out there? Sure. Does that mean all network marketing or direct sales is a scam? Absolutely not!

    It’s not “all up to my sponsor.” Your success, and/or your failure, will be because YOU worked your business to make it happen!

    It’s not a JOB (just over broke) unless you want it to be. It’s not a job in the traditional sense. You are a business owner, not an employee.

    What It Is

    It is a business! When you join a network marketing, or direct sales, company, you are starting a business! Yes, that means there is a start up cost. It also means you will need things like business cards, display items, and catalogs. Is there a way to do that on a shoestring budget? Absolutely.

    It’s work. Plain and simple. I heard a phrase this week from another leader that I loved. She said, your business is flexible, but not optional. We do have flexible schedules, but not showing up isn’t optional if you really want to succeed.

    It’s about relationships. To be truly successful, you have to build relationships with people. This is perhaps the thing I love the most. You will meet new people, and really get to know them. Customers will become friends. Hostesses will become friends. As you build a team, you will build life-long relationships there as well!

    It can be life changing. Imagine how your life would be different if you were building relationships with more people, making a difference in the lives of the people you mentor, and finding that you are earning more money than you ever have before. How would that change your life?

    Donald Trump and Network Marketing

    Let Me Share About My Team

    I have a great team with South Hill Designs. My greatest blessing in this business is being able to mentor others to grow their business. In the past month, our team celebrated 16 promotions, which means people are moving up and making more money every month. I’ve see how it can work first hand.

    I am now looking for just 20 to join my team. Let me describe that person for you.

  • You are goal oriented. As the great author, Lewis Carroll, once said “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” You like having goals to aspire to and work to achieve them.
  • You are disciplined. We work from home. I’ve worked from home for about 15 years now, previous in the corporate world and now in direct sales. It requires a certain amount of discipline from people. You have to be wiling to plan your day and be disciplined enough to accomplish what you set out to do for the day. That doesn’t mean there’s no flexibility. It does mean if you have interruptions, you continue the task until it’s done.
  • You are willing to learn. This business requires all of us to continually learn and grow our best practices. You will be willing to educate yourself, attend training that’s offered, and then take that training and apply it in your business. If you happen to be someone who already knows everything about direct sales, my team isn’t for you because we are learning and growing every day together.
  • You enjoy connecting with people. No matter what our product, it’s about the connections we make with people. A 2000 study by UCLA showed that when women spend time with friends, oxytocin is released. It’s proven that women need time with their girlfriends to deal with the stresses of life. As a consultant, you can help them do that through the fun night out parties that you offer for them and their friends.
  • You are ambitious. This means you can see the future and the potential. It means you’re willing to work to get there because you know the reward will be worth it. It means you are striving toward that goal to be able to provide the things you want for your family.
  • Is That You?

    If you are a person who has all five of the above traits, or even three of them, and is interested in earning an extra $500, $1,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 a month, I want to connect! I’m not recruiting everyone for my team, and I know that the people who fit this description are out there! Might it be you? Let’s Connect!

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    To The Top of the Mountain!

    It’s September already! Sometimes the time passes so quickly. For those in direct sales, September is the start of the holiday shopping season. People are starting to think about Christmas gifts and how they will celebrate. It’s a great time of the year!

    Celebrating Our Team

    In August, our team had some amazing results! We added 16 new team members! I love seeing the team grow because it means more people are taking control of their lives and are able to do more for their families. We also celebrated 15 promotions in August! Promotions are fun as it means people are moving up in the company, growing with us, and increasing their income. One person on our team even had TWO promotions in August! I am inspired by this motivated team.

    To the Top with South Hill Designs

    Heading To The Top!

    Have you ever thought about what it takes to climb to the top of a mountain? Focus, training, a plan, dedication, and encouragement! Our team is headed to the top of the mountain in the next two months!

    Let’s talk about it. In direct sales, things do not happen by osmosis. You have to have a plan. Our compensation plan clearly outlines what we need to do to move up in the company. That’s the easy part. With our team, we have a goal and plan to make this happen for the team.

    Training. You can’t climb a mountain without some solid training. In addition to our weekly company training, our team offers training on how to climb that mountain. Our 100 Days to Success rewards new consultants along the way for reaching those milestones. Our team’s Rockstars program gives even more training to those who really want to get to the top of that mountain!

    Dedication. This is so important. Starting a direct sales business is just that, a business. Success doesn’t happen without work! If you are committed, follow a plan, and really work your business, you can achieve success. As a leader, my greatest fulfillment comes from helping people succeed. That said, if you’re on our team, you create your success. I can’t do it for you and neither can anyone else! We provide the tools, the training and the support, but in the end, YOU create the success!

    Encouragement: We have this! Our team works together so well. None of the competition that in the end damages many teams, this one is solid. When I think of the word encouragement, geese come to mind. Have you ever seen a flock of geese in action? You will notice that there is no one leader, they switch it up so that the leader doesn’t get tired. More important, they are noisy creatures! The honks are their way of encouraging each other along the way. The open sharing of ideas and support is amazing and frankly not something I ever saw in corporate America.

    Yes, we’re headed to the top! We won’t be stopped! When the naysayers come, and they will, we will boldly proclaim “We’re headed to the top!” When someone suggests maybe we need to climb a smaller mountain, we will say “We’re headed to the top!” And when we arrive, there will be a wonderful celebration!

    Want to Come Along?

    I invite you to come along with us! The view is gorgeous at the top and we would love to share it with you! Maybe you’ve been thinking about new opportunity. Perhaps you’re just tired of being stuck in a rut where you feel unappreciated. With the largest shopping season of the year upon us, there is no better time to join. Curious? What if just 5 minutes could change your life? I invite you to listen to this recording about our opportunity! Then, email me and let’s chat!

    See you at the top!

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