Attitude of GratitudeYes, I know this one is late! It’s just been one of those days. So today’s post will be short and sweet.

Today I am thankful for a group of folks in my company who gave me an opportunity to do a meeting with them today. You see, I’m passionate about education. I love sharing knowledge with others. And I was invited to come to their team meeting and do a little training.

As you know from yesterday’s post, I’ve kind of been in a funk. Today, I got on that call and wow, I walked away blown away. They were so incredibly kind. I’ve heard that word “edification” used a lot at our company. Today I saw it in action. And by the time they were done introducing me, I had tears running down my face. Okay, deep breath, and get rolling! And we had a great time of sharing! And gosh, I know they listened because today has been full of questions and messages asking for help or clarification. Today was a day when I was totally in my element, ALL because this team leader asked me to be a part of their meeting.

So, to those folks with team Go Big, Go Beyond, my thanks! You totally made my day today and I am very grateful!

What’s on your list today?

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