Attitude of Gratitude

It’s that time of year again! Hard to believe it is already November, and yet here we are. If you’ve been following my blogs for awhile, you know that I always do 30 days of gratitude during November. I keep a gratitude journal all year, however, find that November people just get a little more focused on what they are grateful for in their lives. So, today is day 1! I hope you will join me in this journey!

Gratitude really is an attitude, isn’t it? Sometimes life throws us curve balls. Our family has had several of those in the last month. And, during those tough times, sometimes it’s hard to remember that you’re supposed to focus on gratitude. It’s much easier to wallow in pity and self-doubt. And yet, what does that really serve? I can tell you, from personal experience, not much!

Today I’m thankful that even in the hard times, there are still things to be thankful about! I’ll give you a few examples based on the last few weeks in our house.

  • Our beloved dog, Turbo, died last month. He was our baby and what an incredibly sad thing with so much pain to lose him. I sure wasn’t ready and I still miss him every day. I’m thankful he was my forever dog for so long. I’m thankful for an awesome vet who dealt with him and us with such compassion. And I’m thankful that he didn’t have to suffer a lot before he died.
  • Not too long ago, I tried to do some repair to a somewhat broken relationship. It’s been one that’s been on again/off again and I had hoped to change that. The conversation didn’t go well. And so, I walked away. Another very painful situation. What could there possibly be to be grateful for in that?! Well, I’m grateful that the drama of the past isn’t a daily or weekly part of my life anymore. Even when I miss the relationship, I am reminded that it was very often filled with drama and emotion. Not every relationship in our lives is meant to be a forever relationship. As the saying goes, some people come into your life for a time and some for a reason. And it’s all good.
  • Okay, last one! Last month, my husband returned to his old job after leaving for a few weeks. He found that even though they had begged him to return, they brought him back with a 30% cut in pay and gave him only 12 hours a week for three weeks in a row. Yes, that created some major stress for our family! Not to mention, they just signed him up for family insurance without telling him, which took the entire check! Yep, a month of no income and working for insurance that we don’t use! So, let’s see what’s to be thankful for. My awesome husband, who got up one morning and said he wasn’t going to take that, got in the car, applied for a new job, studied all day long for a certification test and went out the next day and passed it. Then while he was studying, he was offered another position, one that he’s now doing and loving. I love seeing how happy he is, even when he comes home exhausted at the end of the day. I am grateful that he has such initiative.

    God Always Has a Plan
    And in this one, I’m grateful that my life verse always applied, even when I can’t see it. I long ago claimed Jeremiah 29:11 as my life verse. It’s my favorite verse and gives me hope and focus when I need it. This is just one more example of the truth in that verse!

  • So, there you have it! Day 1! I want to challenge you to do a couple of things. First, develop that attitude of gratitude for yourself. It really does matter, even on dark days. Second, stop by here every day and share in the comoment section what you’re grateful for today. I look forward to hearing the things you have an attitude of gratitude about! Until tomorrow….

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