Everything we do in life tends to center around achieving our goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re working a job, in school, or growing a business, having goals will help you succeed. It’s pretty hard to have a successful business if you don’t set goals. It would be like taking a trip to a new city without a map. Without the map, you might still arrive at your destination, but you might end up taking a lot longer to get there, or you might never arrive at all. One way to work on your goals is to set SMART goals. That’s what I want to share today.

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Attainable
R – Relevant
T – Time Sensitive


Your goal should be specific. To do that, it should answer five questions: What, why, who, where and which. For example, simply saying “I’d like to have some sales” really isn’t specific. If that’s your goal and you make one sale, then you’ve accomplished the goal. In fact, if it takes you two years to make that one sale, you’ve done it. That’s probably not what you really meant when you set that goal. Now if you said “This month I want to do 10% more in sales than I did last month through signing up three more people to do a social in my area so that my business actually grows,” you have a goal that’s specific. You can look at that and know exactly what you have to do to succeed.


Goals have to be measurable. Without some way to measure it, you never know if you have succeeded in meeting the goal you set. This falls back to whether you want to simply grow a business, or increase your business by 20% in the next month. Making your goal measurable allows you to know when you’ve done it!


If a goal isn’t attainable, it just won’t happen. I tell my team to set “stretch goals,” meaning it should be some work to get it done but still an attainable accomplishment. Often when people are setting goals for losing weight they set unattainable goals with something like “I will lose 50 pounds in the next two months.” On most plans, that’s not doable and will only result in failure to meet the goal. Set your goal so that you have to work at it to get it done, and yet be sure it’s something that, with hard work, you can actually do. I run several blogs and set goals of posting at least three new posts per week on each of them. That is often a stretch, however, if I am focused, it’s attainable.


Yes, that goal has mean something. It must be connected to what you are trying to accomplish. If I’m working on my blogs and make my goal one that says “I will send ten emails to potential new customers today,” while that might be important in my business, it doesn’t have any relevancy to my goal of building my blog. If you’re working on a weight loss program, having a goal to complete knitting that blanket you started isn’t connected to your goal either. Make sure it has relevance.

Time Sensitive

Yes, goals should have a deadline. In this part of your goal setting activity, you must say when you will get it all done. Failing to set a deadline can set you up to always be working on the same goal over and over again, yet never really being “done” with it so you can move on to new goals.

The SMART method for goal setting has been one that has worked well for me in my life. It keeps things on track, I feel like there is a defined plan where I can track my progress and get to the end. I believe using this method will help you, no matter what you’re setting your goal for in life.

What have you used to set goals for yourself and stay on track with them?

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