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This picture is the view from the event I did this weekend with my home-based business with South Hill Designs. It was my “office” for the weekend. What a beautiful site, and an amazing weekend. This is just one of the reasons why I love this business. My husband and I made this trip together, spending the weekend in an awesome Colorado mountain resort. And yes, it was for work!

As we spent the day at actual event, this is the view we had, looking out to the mountains.

Design Your Life

Does your office ever look like this? Can you plan short “getaways” with your significant other, all while doing business? We had an amazing weekend. I am so incredibly blessed that this business allows for that. My family is my biggest “why” for doing what I do with South Hill Designs. It allows me the freedom to spend time with my husband around a schedule that works for us. There is no “9-5 JOB” that dictates when I work or where I work!

What is your greatest desire related to the design of your life? You can realize it with a career in direct sales. The possibilities are endless!

This month, South Hill Designs has an awesome incentive for joining my team. Our large business kit is on sale! Save $50 when you sign up with the Social Essentials kit and receive $900 in products to get you started. (Price listed below is the US price. Pricing is also available for Canada, the UK, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico.) Now is the time to stop letting someone else define your life and define it yourself! I would love to help you do that!

South Hill Designs Kit Sale

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