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I’m often asked how can someone be successful at South Hill Designs, what’s the key? I think many of the things apply to any direct sales opportunity. Today I wanted to share some tips for success and hope you will add yours in the comments!


A strong training program is important when you’re getting started. Be sure that you take advantage of everything that’s offered. Learn all you can! On our team, not only do we have company-sponsored training, we also have team training every month.

Wear Your Locket!

Wear that product everywhere you go! Look for ways to start conversations with others. Compliment other women when you see them wearing something you like. Those “hello’s” will naturally lead to other conversations about what you do!


Stay engaged. Whether it’s with your sponsor, your team, or the company in general. Staying engaged means that you have the most up to date information and that you stay excited about your business.

Practice Makes Perfect

Anytime we are learning something new, it takes practice. Think about this. If your child wanted to play a sport, would you suggest they just watch a few videos? Nope, you’d say you have to be on the court or field to really get good. So, get out there. Practice your presentations, find a mentor and get feedback! You can’t play full out in the game if you’re not on the court!

Power Hours

Schedule at least one hour per day to really work your business. Divide that hour into four 15-minute segments. In each one, put real focus into these three areas: Bookings, hostess coaching, sponsoring, and customer care calls. I find it’s much easier to block this time out as a regular appointment on my calendar. Get on phone and talk to people! It makes a difference!

Develop and Use Systems

If you have systems in place, it makes this business so much easier. If you’re not sure what systems to put in place, be sure you are attending training where that’s offered. Speak with your sponsor to be sure they are sharing systems that will benefit your business. Make them work for you!


Connect with people! Sometimes that means in person, sometimes it’s using social media. We have so many options in today’s world! Our business is about relationships so be sure you are really making connections with people. Don’t just try to be a “sales person,” really connect!

Plan and Deliver Extraordinary Events

Be sure that the parties you are holding are fun! Make them extraordinary. People remember that and more will want to host with you. Theme parties are quite popular. Create a list of theme parties that you offer when you are hostess coaching. Gone are the days of “just make a pot of coffee and serve a Bundt cake!” Do something that really stands out in people’s mind.

Ask for Help

Stuck on how to make something work? That’s a great time to reach out to your sponsor and other team members. Everyone has tips to share, don’t hesitate to ask for them!

A Life of Gratitude

This is one of my personal favorites. I do believe we attract what we put out into the world. Be grateful for the opportunity, for your customers and hostesses, and if you have one, for your team. Write down five things every day that you are grateful for. Do that consistently for 30 days and see how your view changes! And when your view changes, so does your life!

That’s my 10 tips for success! What would you add? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below! And while you’re here, please consider sharing this post with other using the share bar on the left of this post.

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