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Are you a last minute shopper when it comes to Christmas? I sure am! I still have about half of my shopping left to do and my tree isn’t up yet! I do love the season, and I guess there’s something about the last minute hustle and bustle that I love as well!

For all of those last minute shoppers, I am offering a deal today! You can shop at my discount! Your orders will have to be placed directly with me to get the savings, and you can save 40% on your purchase for today only!

Here’s how it works:

  • Browse my site and make your list!
  • Email me your order. Please include your telephone contact so I can contact you for payment.
  • Once received, I will call you and arrange for your payment!
  • It’s that simple! Don’t you love easy?

    Feel free to share this post using the share button if you have friends who might also be looking for some last minute deals! I’d love to help them out!

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    12 Days of Christmas Day Three

    It’s day three in our 12 Days of Christmas! Have you started your shopping? There are only two more Fridays before Christmas!

    South Hill Designs 12 Days of Christmas

    Today’s savings gives you 10% off of your entire order! We all need ways to make our dollars stretch, so here’s a little savings from me to you!

    Orders must be placed directly with me to receive all specials this week, but it’s easy! Email me your order. Then I will invoice you and we’ll get it done with your special extras! Let the fun begin!

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    12 Days of Christmas Day 2

    It’s Day 2 in our 12 Days of Christmas! I hope your holiday season is well underway and you are enjoying it!

    South Hill Designs Christmas Sale

    All orders placed today get free shipping! Who doesn’t love free? I always do!

    Orders must be placed directly with me to receive all specials this week, but it’s easy! Email me your order. Then I will invoice you and we’ll get it done with your special extras! Let the fun begin!

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    12 Days of Christmas with South Hill Designs

    South Hill Designs Christmas Sales

    I love Christmas time! It’s one of my favorite holidays. I love everything about it. The music, the lights, the decorations. It’s so much fun to get out and about and pick up the festive moods of the holiday. Oh, and the shopping! Shopping and deals, yep I love that too!

    This year, I’m doing a 12 Days of Christmas event for all of my customers and friends! I would love to invite you to join us. I will also be posting those here on the blog so that you can see them. It’s my goal to help make your Christmas shopping easy and fun. You can see the daily specials by joining my event on Facebook, or by stopping by here every day!

    12 Days of Christmas Event

    On The First Day of Christmas

    South Hill Designs 12 Days of Christmas

    So for day, one, Here’s the deal! Get some extras with your orders today!
    Order $25 and receive one free charm!
    Order $50, receive two free charms!
    Order $100, receive five free charms!

    Orders must be placed directly with me to receive all specials this week, but it’s easy! Email me your order. Then I will invoice you and we’ll get it done with your special extras! Let the fun begin!

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    Seeking Leaders in Canada

    South Hill Designs Canada

    In the last year, we have added several to our team from Canada. The opportunity to own your own business with South Hill Designs is a great one. My team members in Canada are changing lives with it! Imagine moms being able to stay home with their children, families not having to worry about their monthly bills. Someone recently said to me “This opportunity is life changing,” and indeed it is. One of our newest team members just promoted to Director with South Hill Designs in November, after only five months! Another is very close to promoting to Senior Director. It’s an exciting time to be involved.

    December is an awesome month to think about starting your new business. Join early and you can start with those holiday sales for Christmas gifts. Imagine being able to help others create a special piece of jewelry unique to the person that tells the stories of their life. That is so rewarding.

    Then think about growing a team. A team that you can mentor and help grow their business. In that process, your own business grows and expands. Your new business helps support your family, and you are helping others as well.

    I would love to add another team in Canada to our team! While we have three teams there now, the area is still so wide open and there is so much more opportunity! We have only been in Canada a little over a year now. Imagine if you had joined Tupperware in their early days in Canada! Where could you be now?

    So this December, why not give yourself the gift of a new business! I would love to work with you to grow your business and make a difference in the lives of others! It is an investment in yourself and your future. For me, it’s the best investment I have made in years.

    Interested? Let’s Connect!

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    Cyber Monday Sale!

    It’s Cyber Monday! The biggest online shopping day of the holiday season! It’s a time when we all scramble for those awesome deals for the people on our holiday gift lists. I just read that people will spend approximately four hours of their work day today shopping online! Is that you? AND I read that most employers are okay with that!

    I’m having a great Cyber Monday special for you today. Pick a present, pick your discount! Your discount will be anywhere from 5% to 40%! Here’s how it works:

    Pick a present from this picture. Email me your selection and I’ll get back to you with how much of a discount you will receive today on your order. Orders must be done directly through me and must be completed and paid today in order to receive the discount! Ready, set, go!

    South Hill Designs Cyber Monday Sale

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    South Hill Designs Two-Day Temptation Sale

    South Hill Designs Temptation Sale

    It’s here! Our amazing two-day Temptation Sale is live! This is an awesome special this month! Included is the gold Natalie chain, the round gold hoop earrings, and our Cognac Signature Leather Wrap! It’s a stunning collection and would make an awesome Christmas gift for someone on your list!

    You can find this by clicking on the picture, or by visiting my website and looking under promotions!

    South Hill Designs Ice Castles Locket

    While you’re shopping, take a look at this beauty! Adorn Holiday sentiments close to the heart with this month’s stunning keepsake. A timeless treasure that tells your seasonal story through an artful display of charms and delicate embellishments. A South Hill Designs exclusive!

    The Ice Castles Locket includes 1 Large Silver Locket with Crystals, 1 Large Silver Snowflake Screen, 1 Ice Skate Charm, 3 April Clear Crystals, and 3 Vanilla Pearls. It’s stunning and will be great for your holiday events!

    Don’t miss your chance to get these awesome deals!

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    The Perfect Christmas Gift

    It’s that time of year. We are all stopping to make our shopping lists for Christmas, thinking about what to purchase for each person on our list that will be the “perfect” gift for them, and planning a wonderful holiday season.

    As you look at your list, are you on it? What will you do for yourself this Christmas? In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we often forget to put ourselves on the list. So, here’s my suggestion for your own gift for Christmas!

    Join South Hill Designs

    Buy Yourself a Business For Christmas!

    That’s right! Give yourself the gift of having your own business right now for the holidays! It’s the perfect time to do that and what a difference it can make in your own holiday plans! Why is now a great time?

  • First, it’s an investment in YOU! We so often forget to invest in ourselves! Now’s the time to fix that!
  • Everyone is looking for gifts! Imagine how your business could start off fast at this time of year! You would have an awesome product to share with your family and friends to help them shop for those on their list!
  • It gives you extra cash for your own holiday shopping! All of us can use extra cash this time of year. You could get a part-time job, or you could buy yourself a business! That part-time job won’t pay you as well as an investment in yourself that provides an opportunity for long term income!
  • I would love to share the South Hill Designs opportunity with you! We are growing every day and I would love to help you grow your own business and be successful! I am looking for team members in the US, Canada, the UK, The Dominican Republic, and Mexico! Come join us and make your own holiday extra special with the sense of accomplishment that comes from owning your own business!

    Interested? Let’s Connect!

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    October Two-Day Temptation Sale

    I love fall! I love the changing of the colors and how everything is so beautiful. One of my favorite things to do in Colorado is take that drive to the mountains to see the Aspen change colors. At South Hill Designs, we’re celebrating Fall too! This month’s Temptation Sale celebrates the look of Fall!

    South Hill Designs Temptation Sale

    This package includes the Rose Gold Oval Hoop Earrings, Rose Gold “Love” Bar Necklace, and Rose Gold Metallic Signature Wrap. It’s a gorgeous set for Fall!

    This is a short sale, only two days long! Don’t wait to get yours or the sale will be over! Normall $92, this package is now on sale for a 30% savings at $64.40 (US prices, other pricing applies for other countries). It can be found by clicking the link in the picture or by viewing it on my website under promotions.

    Also announced today is our special Fall locket, also on sale at a 30% savings. I love the mixing of metals and colors in this one, with the rose gold and silver together. This package includes 1 Large Rose Gold Locket, 1 Large Silver “Love” Coin, 3 Vintage Gold Pearls, 1 Rose Gold Pumpkin charm, 1 Rose Gold Acorn Charm and 1 Gold Leaf Charm. All dangled gracefully at the end of our 18″ Rose Gold Chain. Normally $62, this is now on sale for $46.90. It can be found at my website link above under promotions.

    South Hill Designs Fall Colors Locket

    Fall has arrived! Let’s celebrate in style!

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    South Hill Designs Reveal Conference

    South Hill Designs Reveal Conference

    Today is the day! It’s the very first Reveal Conference for South Hill Designs! I’m so excited that we’ll soon know what new products we will have and I cannot wait to see them. One thing we know about what’s coming is that we will have a locket ring! Yes, a ring!

    What I love even more is that while this conference is being held in Orlando, the company has given us the opportunity to connect to the product reveal portion of the day live! That’s right, see it all live as the new things are revealed! No waiting for people to post pictures, no wondering if you got all of the pictures. Just join live! I love that innovation!

    How would you like to join me? Today at 1:45 MST I am hosting an online Reveal party! That’s right! As a customer or a fan of South Hill Designs, you can join me and see the new products as they are revealed! Interested? You must register for the webinar below and seats are limited! Get yours now and I’ll see you at Reveal!

    Secure Your Spot!

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