Arm Candy!

South Hill Designs Dominican Republic

Rolo Chain Bracelets!

South Hill Designs Rolo Chain Bracelet

Coming Soon!

New Silver Bangle Bracelet

South Hill Designs FQuebec

South Hill Designs Spring Product Reveal

I love our Reveal times! Four times during the year, we have a great Livestream event where new products are revealed. You can feel the excitement, even through the online event. Today was no exception! So, let me show you what’s new and exciting!

New Colors!

I love the trends and how we always seem to come out with things just in time for what’s the latest trend! Whether it’s turquoise, white, leopard, or purple, we have it! Take a look at some of these beauties!

South Hill Designs Turquoise Wrap

South Hill Designs Purple Embellishment

Now purple happens to be my favorite color and I cannot wait to get this new embellishment! I also love the turquoise and how it just pops with color.

And how about some pink and white!

South Hill Designs Pink and White Wrap

There are so many different looks you can create. These are great pieces to add to what you already have!

New Charms

Of course, no product release would be complete without new charms! Here are the latest additions!

South Hill Designs New Charms

Which is your favorite?

Rolo Bracelets!

These have fast become my favorites to wear. I love pairing them all together for a great look. I am especially found of the graphite bracelet and get so many compliments on it! You can also add the bangle charms to these awesome bracelets!These are also shown at the top of this page!

South Hill Designs Rolo Bracelets

Browse the New Things!

Want to see all of the new products in one place? If you’d like to see everything together and browse to pick your favorites, just download the new product guide! It’s free to download, and I would love to help you get what you love today. Want to get it free? Have a party with me! Ask me how!

Insert US KN

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South Hill Designs March Specials

Spring is almost here! I, for one, cannot wait for spring to arrive. This morning it has snowed at our house. The trees are covered with ice, which is beautiful, and yet I am excited that spring is on the way and we will soon see flowers start to bloom and things start to turn green. This week has been exciting at South Hill Designs. We have announced so many fun specials and incentives. So, let’s get started!

New Artist Incentives

South Hill Designs Join Incentives

The rolo chain bracelets are brand new (see more below)! This month every new person who joins my team with either the Social Essentials or the Social Starter kit will receive this free! You will receive both the rolo chain bracelet and the South Hill Designs flower charm. It’s an extra incentive and exclusive to those who join in March! I’m looking for five new team members this month. Do you want to build a business and create additional income for your family? If so, let’s connect!

New Products!

South Hill Designs Rolo Bracelet

I have always loved our bangle bracelet. Look at these! This is the new rolo chain bracelet, and it will be available for customers the first of April! I cannot wait to get the graphite bracelet because it reminds me so much of a gun metal color and I love that look. Our charms will also attach to these and they will go great with all of the other arm candy you wear! Do you want one before April 1? Join my team! They will be available early to all artists at a discounted price!

Love a Sale!

Who doesn’t love a sale! We have so many promotions this month. From St. Patrick’s Day charm packs and a locket, Easter charm packs and a special Easter locket, and our locket of the month! All of these are on sale this month, with a 30% savings! Which is your favorite? You can order these right on my website under the promotions tab!

  • South Hill Designs St. Patricks Day Charm Pack
  • South Hill Designs Easter Charms
  • South Hill Designs St Patrick Day Locket
  • South Hill Designs Easter Locket

March Locket of the Month
South Hill Designs March Locket

Hostess Specials!

Is your wish list bigger than your pocketbook? Mine often is! I have a solution for you! Have a fun night out with your friends and earn those things you want for free! This month, all hostesses who have at least a $500 party will receive an extra gift! It’s our bangle bracelet and it is beautiful! You will also receive the Celtic Knot charm to go on your bracelet! Not local to me? No problem! I do Facebook parties! Let’s connect! and schedule your fun night out with friends today!

South Hill Designs March Host Special

Which Will You Choose?

So many specials, so much to celebrate! Which one will YOU choose? I can’t wait to connect!

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Calling All Canadians!

South Hill Designs Canada

South Hill Designs has been in Canada just over a year. In that time, we have seen amazing growth and learned that customers in Canada love our products. My team in Canada continues to grow on a daily basis, and it’s so much fun to see how lives are impacted because of this business opportunity. And while Canada has several options in direct sales companies, I believe ours is the best one out there! Let me tell you why.

Our Products

The quality of the products from South Hill Designs is superior to those you might find elsewhere. The crystals on our lockets and our birthstones are all Swarovski crystals, which not only means a high quality product, but also means they sparkle and shine unlike anything else. The products are backed with a company guarantee for 120 days and the rare replacement that might be needed is always handled quickly. The variety in products means you have so much to choose from. We’re not just lockets and charms! Last, when you are price shopping, remember that all South Hill Designs lockets come with a chain, making your customer’s costs lower than it may be with other companies.

Our Leaders

Anytime you are considering joining a company, you should always do your homework. Be sure that you research not only your own sponsor, but also the company owners. Align yourself with a philosophy that fits what you want to represent in your new business. I love the story of how South Hill Designs was created by two men with five little girls who just wanted to be sure their daughters had a bright future. The leadership on our team is an amazing group of women who understand direct sales and understand what it takes to be successful. And they all share that information with everyone so that each person can have that same success!

Our Compensation Plan

South Hill Designs provides us with a compensation plan that is so much better than many companies out there. When you are comparing plans, be sure to look at the entire plan. It’s so easy to be caught up in the initial “percentage off” in comp plans. As you build your business, our plan becomes hard to beat. With a plan that provides you income on your entire team, no matter how many levels you have, you will find that you are much more prosperous. I would love to go over the details with you if you’d like to hear them!

Join Today, Start Today!

There’s no waiting with South Hill Designs. The day you sign up, you are on the team! Why is that important? If you are on the team with no waiting or a wait list, it means you can start earning money right then! Don’t spend your time on a wait list because that means you are losing money every day that you cannot make a sale. Our kits shop in 3-5 business days, and there are lots of things you can do to get your business started while you are waiting on your kit! Your site is live right after you enroll.

Enrollment Kit Special!

Our Social Essentials kit is on sale! This amazing kit has $990 (Canada pricing) in products. For an investment of only $218.90, you receive $990 in products! It’s a great deal. But, it’s only good through February 13 so don’t wait too long or the price will increase! After February 13, the price for this kit will be $328.90. We also have smaller kits available, however, this is the best deal we have right now.

Do You Want to Build a Business?

So here’s my question. I am looking for two or three leaders for my team. I am seeking people who are motivated and interested in building a business. Maybe you have a goal to better things for your family. Perhaps you are encouraged by helping others start and grow their own business and being rewarded for that. If that’s you, I would love to chat with you! I personally mentor each person who joins my team, and would love to chat with you to see if it’s a right fit for you. Interested? Email me and let’s connect!

If you’re ready to join today, you can also join at my website. I’d love to connect with you and help you create an awesome business that makes a difference for you and your family!

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Seeking Leaders in Mexico

South Hill Designs Mexico

South Hill Designs is growing in Mexico! This awesome business opportunity is really taking hold in Mexico and I would love to see it grow even more.

I am currently looking for a couple of leaders in Mexico who want to work with me to build a South Hill Designs team in Mexico. Being a leader means additional income for you and gives you the opportunity to work with others to build a business. Having your own business can help your family in so many ways.

Leaders are those who are independent, business minded, driven, and desire to really grow a business. They are able to inspire others to start and grow a business as well. Is that you? If so, please email me!

I also love talent scouts! Do you know someone in Mexico who is looking for a way to start and grow a business? Refer them! Be sure to tell them to say you sent them! I love rewarding those referrals!

Come and join me and let’s grow Mexico strong!

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South Hill Designs Locket Builder

What an exciting week it has been so far! As we near the two-year anniversary for South Hill Designs, we have some amazing news! Our virtual locket builder is now live! Giving customers the opportunity to actually build your locket online and see how it looks adds to the customer experience! The locket builder also offers “one click” shopping! Just build your locket and then click on “buy my design.” That will add your selection right into your shopping cart! No more wondering how something will look or if it fits!

We are so blessed by the innovation of this company. No other direct sales company offers you this feature. It’s an amazing addition to the things that South Hill Designs continues to do to make the customer experience better and support the artists in the company.

So, give it a test run! Check it out and build your locket today! I’d love to hear what you think!

Locket Builder

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South Hill Designs Reveals New Products

Yesterday was our quarterly Reveal conference. What an exciting time! There were so many announcements. New products, new tools, and a great deal for those who want to start a business! I want to share those things with you today!

New Products

I love how we are constantly adding things to our product line! Let’s see what new things we have! First, the long awaited for heart-shaped locket! Just in time for Valentine’s Day! It’s beautiful and with our Valentine’s Day promo you can fill it with things that are all about love!

South Hill Designs Heart Locket

I love our bangle bracelet. I love it even more now that we have it in silver! While I do like the gold, I’ve always been partial to silver in my jewelry! Take a look at this new one now in silver!

South Hill Designs bangle bracelet

I’ve become quite partial to my oval locket lately. I just love how it looks! Another thing that’s been a favorite of mine way before South Hill Designs is the tree of life. Now I can have the tree of life screen for my oval locket! It comes in silver, gold, and rose gold so there’s something for everyone!

South Hill Designs Tree of Life

Spring will soon be here! Check out our new crystal embellishments for spring, in a mint green and a rose! Pair that with the new signature wrap bracelets for a complete look!

South Hill Designs Spring Embellishments
South Hill Designs Signature Wrap Bracelet

Another great add is the matte lockets! Brought back in all three colors by popular demand, they come in silver, gold, and rose gold! These are really awesome with the new crystal embellishment screens above!

South Hill Designs Matte Lockets

Of course, no product release is complete with new charms! In all, 21 new charms and I can’t wait to get them all!

South Hill Designs New Charms

Valentine’s Day Specials

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! How about creating a special look for the special person in your life! Take a look at our special Valentine’s Day look book to see how you can create an entire look!

Business Opportunity

Will 2015 be YOUR year? What kind of goals and dreams do you have for the new year? Starting a new business can do lot to help you reach those goals. Whether you want to earn a little extra money, save for that vacation you’ve been wanting to take, or have a full-time income, it’s all possible! Our new Social Essentials kit is on sale! The sale has been extended so that many more people can enjoy the benefits of starting their own business. With a $900 value, this kit is on sale for only $199! I would love to share the opportunity with you and talk about whether it’s a great fit for your life! Interested? Curious? Let’s Connect!

Here’s wishing you an awesome 2015! I look forward to what this year will bring and to serving you whether as a customer, a host, or a team member! Let’s make it a great one!

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South Hill Designs December Temptation Sale

South Hill Designs Two Day Temptation Sale

Our monthly two-day Temptation Sale is back! Starting today, for two days only, you can get this beautiful set at a 30% savings! It’s a great way to get a complete look for an awesome price! But don’t wait too long! This offer is only good today and tomorrow and then it will disappear! Order yours today!

Celebrate the New Year!

South Hill Designs New Years Locket
Here’s another great deal just released today! Cheers to YOU! Kick off 2015 with a gorgeous reminder of your inner sparkle. This gold locket is filled with stylish sentiments to commemorate this coming year. The 2015 charm is surrounded by brilliant crystals making this the perfect gift to share!

This pre-designed locket is normally $72 and is on sale at a 30% savings as well! Get yours today!

So much to celebrate as we close out the year! Which one is your favorite?

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Planning for the New Year

With Christmas done, we often turn our thoughts to the new year and how will we spend it. We think about creating New Year’s Resolutions, although many of those get broken. We ponder how things will be different in the new year, for ourselves and for our families.

I don’t tend to make New Year’s Resolutions. I’m just a realist there and know that creating them means that somewhere in the year I will be upset with myself for breaking them. It is what it is. What I do instead is select three words every year that will define my new year. If you’d like to see my post about my three words for 2015, you can read it on my personal blog.

The Year in Review

At the end of the year, I also like to take some time to reflect on the past year. What worked, what didn’t. What do I want to change, what do I want to do more of, and what do I want to stop doing. I find it’s a great way to really think about the successes of the year and plan to do more of that.

My business with South Hill Designs has grown a lot this year. It’s been so exciting to be a part of that and see how others are starting their own business and growing it. Here’s a snapshot for you! In 2014, we had a total of 132 people join my team. Sharing the business opportunity is one of my favorite things because it can and does change lives. In this year, we have also celebrated lots of promotions! We have celebrated a total of 86 promotions in 2014, with at least one more to come this week! Several of the team have promoted into leadership roles, growing their own team and increasing their income for their families. By the end of the year, two of us on the team will have promoted to the executive level in our company as Senior Directors. Even those who thought they were going to join to just do “a little” with the company have found themselves adding new team members, growing a team and promoting! Yes, it’s been an exciting year!

A New Year Dawns

Now on to 2015. It will be here this week! I would propose it’s a time for new beginnings. And what better way to start than by starting your own business?

We have just introduced a brand new starter kit with South Hill Designs. Our other two kits have been redesigned and are better than ever! With three options, there’s one that fits for everyone!

South Hill Designs New Kits

Take a look at the Social Essential Kit! With $900 in products and materials, it normally will be $299. Right now, it on sale for only $199. It’s the best deal available right now and what a great way to start your new business! These three kits are also available in the UK and in Canada, with country specific pricing.

Don’t hesitate if you want to do this. This kit sale ends of January 5 and then it will be back to the regular price.

I’m currently doing interviews for new team members. If you’d like to chat about the opportunity, let’s connect! My greatest inspiration in this business comes from helping others start and grow their own business. Why not let 2015 be the year things change for you and your family? I’d love to help you do that!

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Last Minute Christmas Shopping

South Hill Designs Sale

Are you a last minute shopper when it comes to Christmas? I sure am! I still have about half of my shopping left to do and my tree isn’t up yet! I do love the season, and I guess there’s something about the last minute hustle and bustle that I love as well!

For all of those last minute shoppers, I am offering a deal today! You can shop at my discount! Your orders will have to be placed directly with me to get the savings, and you can save 40% on your purchase for today only!

Here’s how it works:

  • Browse my site and make your list!
  • Email me your order. Please include your telephone contact so I can contact you for payment.
  • Once received, I will call you and arrange for your payment!
  • It’s that simple! Don’t you love easy?

    Feel free to share this post using the share button if you have friends who might also be looking for some last minute deals! I’d love to help them out!

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    12 Days of Christmas Day Three

    It’s day three in our 12 Days of Christmas! Have you started your shopping? There are only two more Fridays before Christmas!

    South Hill Designs 12 Days of Christmas

    Today’s savings gives you 10% off of your entire order! We all need ways to make our dollars stretch, so here’s a little savings from me to you!

    Orders must be placed directly with me to receive all specials this week, but it’s easy! Email me your order. Then I will invoice you and we’ll get it done with your special extras! Let the fun begin!

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