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Best Friends Forever Minis

Luck o’ the Irish

Luck o’ the Irish

New Monogram Screen

New Monogram Screen

South Hill Designs Pre-Launch Excitement

South Hill Designs UK

Being a part of the pre-launch of a new company is an exciting venture. Now our friends in the United Kingdom have the opportunity to be THE first in the UK! We are now open for pre-launch with South Hill Designs.

I love being able to share this amazing business opportunity with others. In the year and a half that I have been an artist with South Hill Designs, it’s been fun to watch the growth. I joined during our pre-launch phase in the US. The excitement of being able to be involved with something from the ground floor was invigorating. As we all worked our business and watched them grow, it was fun to celebrate the success and promotions along the way.

Last October, we launched in Canada. In just six short months, our team has added 43 artists in Canada. There have been several promotions as people grow their business and increase their income. Joining at the ground-floor opportunity time in Canada was a great benefit to these artists as they are some of the first artists in the country.

Now we have that same opportunity for artists in the UK! I love that we are becoming more of an international company every day and can offer this amazing opportunity to others.

My greatest personal joy in this business is mentoring others to grow a business and create their own strong economy. As we continue to grow in the US and Canada, now it’s time to invite those in the UK to join us on this journey.

If you are looking for a business opportunity that will allow you to make extra money, this could be for you. It doesn’t matter if you want to earn a little extra money, or build a full-time income for yourself and your family, anything is possible! I would love to share that with you!

If you’re ready to join the team, you can join today! Be sure to select the UK Flag when visiting the page before you sign up!

If you’d like to hear more details, I would love to hear from you. Please email me and we will set up a time to chat!

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SHD Launches in UK

In our weekly company meeting today, South Hill Designs shared with their artists that we will begin our pre-launch phase in the UK this week! This is a huge announcement as it opens the opportunity to join the company at a ground-floor opportunity level and really start with a strong business.

Our team is growing fast in both the US and Canada, and we cannot wait to add folks to the team from the UK.

Why should you consider this?

  • An amazing ground-floor opportunity
  • Be one of the FIRST in your area!
  • A Compensation Plan that can’t be beat!
  • Advancement Opportunities!
  • Own Your Own Business
  • Be a Part of Something that Makes a Difference!
  • Seeking Rock Stars!

    If you’re interested in this opportunity, I would love to chat with you! Maybe it’s not for you, but you know someone in the UK who is interested in starting their own business and building their own strong economy! There is no better time than now! Ask me about special opportunities for those who have direct sales experience and are looking for a new opportunity as well!
    I’d love to chat with you! Let’s grow in the UK! Contact me today for more information.

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    Anniversary Celebrations

    South Hill Designs Launch Anniversary

    February 25 marks the one-year anniversary of our official launch with South Hill Designs. It promises to be an exciting day with some great perks for new artists!

    In the past year, this opportunity has given me more than I could have imagined. I began my journey with South Hill Designs just before our official launch. I joined thinking I might have a couple of parties each month and it would be a way to get out of the house a bit since I worked from home. In the past year, I have been incredibly blessed to see the team grow, and my greatest joy has been in working with other women to start their business and make a difference for their family. Our family had a debt-free holiday for Christmas. In January, because of South Hill Designs, we were able to begin sponsoring a child in need from Uganda. I cannot wait to see what this new year brings!

    What would you do with an extra $200 each month? How about an extra $500, or even an extra $1,000? This truly can and does change lives. I’ve seen it this past year and would love to share that with you!

    Launch Anniversary Specials!

    Our official launch starts at 11pm tonight! Here are the deals!

  • Be one of the first 150 to sign up, and you will receive DOUBLE business supplies for your investment!
  • Be one of the first 150 to sign up WITH the medium social kit, and you receive both DOUBLE business supplies, AND all of our birthstones! That’s a great added value.
  • There’s more! All artists who join from 11pm Mountain Time on 2/24/2014 to 11pm Mountain Time on 2/25/2014 will be entered into drawings. These drawings will be done throughout the day on Tuesday. Winners will receive an entire set of our brand new monogram screens!

    Ready, Set, Go!

    Now is the time for you to start your new venture with South Hill Designs! I want to invite you to join my team during this exciting time. It would be my honor to personally mentor you to grow your business and fulfill those plans and dreams you have! If you’d like to chat and learn more about the opportunity email me! If you’re ready to go, then sign up today!

    NOTE: When signing up, be sure you have clicked the appropriate flag for your country! You can click on the US flag and select either English or Spanish. Canadians, click on the Canadian flag and come join us!

    What if you had started a year ago? Imagine how different your life will be a year from now if you start today!

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  • 6 Lessons From The Olympics

    Lessons from the Olympics

    The Winter Olympics are all over the news this week. As we watch our countries compete and cheer them on, it brings to mind the great accomplishments of these athletes. I enjoy watching some of the winter sports, although I must admit that some of them don’t hold my interest very well. I do think there are some lessons that we can learn from these athletes and apply it to our business in direct sales.

    Master the Basics

    If you listen to the stories of the Olympians, none of them started with the skill they have today. They had to start by mastering the basic skill set for their sport. That’s done with a lot of practice. In our business, we also have to master the basics of the business. It’s important to understand our company’s plan, what things we offer, and how to present our product. Knowledge of the company’s policies and procedures also will help you as you plan your business strategy. Take full advantage of any kind of quick start program that is offered. Those kind of programs are developed to give you success right from the start.

    Train, Train, Train

    Olympians spend hours training for their events. Sometimes I hear someone who goes into direct sales and just jumps in with both feet without having any kind of training at all. They continue along the way, never taking advantage of any training that may be offered to them. For the most part, these are not tho people who are the most successful in their business. If training is available to you, take it! It may be something offered by your company, your leaders, your team, or even training by an outside consultant. If it’s available, do it! Everything you can learn will help you in your business. I find that each time I attend something, I am able to find a new takeaway that gives me a different perspective to use in my business. By interacting not only with the trainer, but also with other consultants, I pick up tips that I can use along the way. Anything we do in life comes with a lifelong opportunity for learning. Even those who have been in direct sales for a long time understand the value of training so that they always have fresh ideas. When you have the opportunity for training, train!

    Play Full Court

    Watch the athletes. They have the basics, they constantly train, and then they get out and play full court. They don’t sit on the sidelines, waiting to get more training, or waiting to see if people will invite them to play. They simply show up and play. Our business is much like this. It can be easy to get distracted by what I call the “next shiny thing,” and never make it to the playing field. Don’t let this happen to you. Some of your learning will come by actually doing, have a party, talk to someone about joining your team. There’s a reason why Nike has the slogan “Just Do It”–it works.


    Pay close attention to the athlete who has a bad run in an event. What do you see? Do they just move off to the sidelines and decide they’re done? Of course not. They know that they must keep on going, no matter what. In our business, it’s the same way. It can be easy to get discouraged by how many No’s you receive when talking to people about bookings or about joining the team. And yet, you must keep going. I heard a phrase sometime ago that said “Don’t stop before the miracle happens.” Don’t allow yourself to give up before you see real results. Learn to celebrate the No’s you receive and just keep moving forward!

    Team Spirit

    I do love watching the team sports and the interaction of the team. When one member of the team succeeds, every team member is happy for them and celebrates with them. If someone has a bad event, the team picks them up, encourages them, and they all move forward, together. At the same time, you never hear a team member bad-mouthing another for something they didn’t like. And in that same spirit, you don’t hear Olympians speaking ill of their country. It is about the team spirit. In our direct sales business, the same should apply. When others succeed, celebrate with them. If they are having a bad day, offer a word of encouragement. See another consultant doing something you don’t think is right? Remember this phrase: There are 3 kinds of business–yours, theirs, and God’s. If it’s the latter two, then you shouldn’t be paying attention to it. Never should you badmouth that consultant. Frankly even in times when you think they might be violating a company policy, in the end, it’s still their business, and not yours. Last, but certainly not least, do not speak ill of your company. Have a problem with an order? Speak directly with the company or your leader. Blasting your discontent on Facebook doesn’t solve the problem for a customer and it sure isn’t encouraging to others. Show your team spirit, not just to your individual team, but to the team that you belong to within the entire company as well.

    Go for the Gold

    Play full out in your business. You won’t hear an Olympian saying they only came just to see the sites in the area, or they didn’t come wanting to win a medal. They come to the Olympics with a mindset of winning, of being up on that platform and bringing home a medal. And they do it with the mindset of a winner. Do the same with your business. We attract what we put out there in life, so have the mind of a winner. Expect success. Work for it. Go for the gold in your business as well.

    Imagine if you approached your business like the athlete approaches the Olympics. What would change? What will you do today to make that happen?

    Want to be a part of a team that works like this? We’d love to have you join us! Email me and ask me how!

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    South Hill Designs Canada

    South HIll Designs Canada

    The South Hill Designs opportunity in Canada is exploding! With new members joining our team every day, now is the time to get started.

    The opportunity with South Hill Designs is an amazing opportunity, and one that many have already taken advantage of in the last few months. Since our formal opening in Canada last October, we have seen huge growth in the number of Canadian artists.

    In addition to new artists signing up, I have been seeing requests for fundraisers. Fundraising is a wonderful opportunity to help an organization reach their goals. I love helping a group accomplish something while also helping women tell the stories of their lives.

    On our team, we are seeing women who are changing their lives with this opportunity. Their calendars are full and their teams are growing. While some are choosing to make this their full time income, others are choosing to make it a part-time business. The beauty of direct sales is that it can be anything you want!

    Join Us!

    I hope you will consider joining us today! Starter kit options are $61.95 and $208.95. For that very small investment, you can get started and be on your way to creating your own strong economy for your family. Even if this opportunity isn’t for you, perhaps you know someone who could use the extra income. We love referrals! I would love to chat with you about this amazing opportunity and whether it might be right for you!

    Email me today and let’s set a time to chat.

    Living an extraordinary life is a choice – what’s yours?

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    The new year is in full swing, and it is such an exciting time. I’m thrilled to share some of our new products with you for the new year, as well as talk about the great opportunities we have.

    New Products

    It’s always exciting to get new products. I love it because it means our company listens and is always innovating, creating new things for our customers. The first of the year has been no exception. Let’s see what we have!

    Let’s not forget our awesome locket bracelet, which came out in late 2013! It has been one of our most popular items, both for personal purchases and for gifts!
    South Hill Designs Locket Bracelet

    First, we have 9 new charms. I do love these! Who do you know who would love to have a best friend charm in their locket? I have added the compass to my own locket bracelet, as a reminder to always focus on the North Star for my life. And how about that piano heart charm! They are all so adorable!

    Screens in medium! Now you can get our screens in medium. For the first time, we now can add to our medium lockets with these beautiful screens.

    So many people have loved the mini lockets. Now you can have one in silver with crystals. Popular for young girls and adults alike, now’s the time to get yours!

    Our wrap bracelets have been so popular, and now we have two new colors! Metallic silver or metallic champagne! Which one is your favorite?

    Then we have what will perhaps be my all time favorite in new products. Monogram screens! One for every letter of the alphabet, and they come in both gold and silver! These are for our large lockets.

    You can see all of the new products in the picture below. Pick your favorites (click on the picture to enlarge) and then head on over to my site and get your orders placed!

    South Hill Designs New Products

    New Opportunity

    During November and December, our team gained 15 new members. They are rocking the new year with a great business opportunity. This month, we have already added 5 more new artists to the team. The opportunity with South Hill Designs is one where you can design your own future. I am incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to work with this team and help women grow their own business, one that makes a difference for their families. We have opportunities in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada!

    Tomorrow we will celebrate our one-year anniversary since our formal launch in 2013. One year! That still makes this a great ground-floor opportunity for you! Imagine if you had started a new business with a company like Tupperware or Mary Kay in their first year! Where would you be today? What if you had an extra $200 every month? How would your live be different with an extra $500 or even $1,000 every month? It’s life changing, and I would love to help you be a part of that! Even if you don’t believe it’s an opportunity for you, perhaps you know someone who is looking for a way to start a business and create their own strong economy. I love referrals and would love for you to share it with your friends. Contact me today and let’s talk about how you can get started!

    Now’s the time for action! See something you love? Place an order! Love lots of things? Have a party with your friends and earn it for free! Want it all? Let’s chat about the opportunity to join the team! We’d love to have you. Which would you choose?

    Every person has a story to tell.

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    Why Direct Sales?

    South Hill Designs Opportunity

    Last week I celebrated my one-year anniversary with South Hill Designs. The day pretty much came and went without much fanfare. Today as I look back on the year, it’s been an amazing journey. I am often ask why anyone would want to do direct sales. This is a question worthy of some exploration, especially in the new year when people are setting goals for the things they want to accomplish this year. We are building strong teams in the US, including Puerto Rico, and in Canada. It just might be the right opportunity for you!

    Create Your Own Strong Economy

    In the last few years, we have seen major shifts in our economy. With multiple layoffs and downsizing in corporate America, it’s easy to feel as if the future is uncertain. Being involved in a direct sales company allows you to have more control over your own economy. If you want to earn more, you have more parties and do more sales. Another way to secure that income is by building a team of people. With this opportunity, you can set your goals and develop strategies to meet those goals. It is a definite plus not to have to rely on the whims of someone else when it comes to our income.


    Perhaps one of my favorite thing about being involved with a direct sales company is the flexibility it provides for me and for my family. I am able to determine when I work and even how much I work. This allows for planning around family activities, children’s school activities, and anything else you have in your schedule. I set the days of the week when I am available for socials. I love having the flexibility to be sure that something that produces income for our family fits into our lifestyle and our schedules.

    It also means that if I move, I take my business with me. Years ago, I had a lucrative business. We decided to move across country. What that meant for me was selling what I had, at a very low price, and starting all over. With a direct sales career, my business simply goes with me. I have military spouses on my team who are able to take their business with them when their spouse is transferred. No more starting over in a new job every time you move!

    Achieve Dreams

    This week I am working on a new vision board for the new year. I will include those things I want to accomplish throughout the year and write a mission statement both for my life and for my business. What could you do with an extra $500 or even $1,000 a month? What things would you be able to do for yourself and your family that you can’t do right now? Those dreams and desires can happen when you’re involved in a direct sales company. I have a friend who took her family on a trip to China last year, all because of her income from her business.

    Make a Difference for Others

    This one is truly my number one reason for doing what I do. I love helping others start their own business and build it. When you hear something that says “this changes lives,” it isn’t just another sales pitch. People’s lives can and do change by having their own business and the extra income it provides for their families. I see women who develop an increased sense of self-esteem because of what they are accomplishing. Mentoring and coaching is one of my favorite things to do, and I love being able to work with my team to see them realize their potential. Confidence increases, outlook changes. It really does make a difference. Being able to say “I helped someone else” gives me a sense of accomplishment unlike anything else.

    But Wait…

    Lest you think this means it’s all easy with no work required, stop right now. That’s not at all what it means. Having a business requires a commitment, the willingness to do the work to grow your business, and a determination to stick it out, even if times are tough. That said, joining a team with leadership who is committed to providing you tools and blueprints to do that makes all the difference. I would love to help you do that.

    If you are thinking about a career in direct sales, or even a change in what you do now, we should talk. I would love to share this opportunity with you. On our team, each person is in business for themselves, but not BY themself. We’d love to have you join us! For more information, please connect with me!

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    Meet My Team: Gisela Delarias

    I’m excited to share our team with you in upcoming posts! Each post will feature one of the members of Team Charmed Inspiration with South Hill Designs! I’ll be doing a short interview with our team members here so you can get to know them a bit. Today, we have Gisela Delarius, who lives in Lawrence, Massachusetts!

    Gisela Delarius, South HIll Designs Artist

    Gisela Delarias
    SHD Artist

    1. Introduce Yourself and share something about you and your family.

    Hi, my name is Gisela Delarias, I am a South Hills Designs Independent Artist located in Massachusetts and soon will be relocating to Miami, Florida. I love to meet new people, try as well as share new things and learn from every opportunity possible in life. My mother’s family, whom I was raised with, originally comes from Utuado, Puerto Rico. They came to Massachusetts in the 1970′s and we are now a very large extended family spread across all the states.

    2. Why did you join South Hill Designs?

    I joined South Hill Designs because I fell in love with the gorgeous lockets and unique charms. I was looking for a career opportunity that would allow me to work from home and focus on my health and would allow me to set my own pace and hours while allowing me to maintain my financial responsibilities with the earnings. The professional set up of South Hill Designs and the incredible support and availability of training materials and ongoing tools completely convinced me that it was the right opportunity for me.

    3. What is being with South Hill Designs going to allow you to accomplish?

    My business is going to allow me to not only support myself but to accomplish goals such as moving, purchasing a car, continuation my education and building a successful business and career that I can be proud of. South Hill Designs is already helping my accomplish a greater sense of purpose, pride, self confidence and optimism that I didn’t have before I joined the company. My South Hills Design business is not only helping me accomplish my goals but to become a better person as well.

    4. Are you growing a team? Why should others consider joining?

    Yes, I am always looking to grow a successful team of people that I can share the opportunity that I have been blessed with. Everyone deserves the opportunity to change their own life and show not only others but themselves that they do have it within them to be successful with the right tools and the gift of the right opportunity. That is why I believe others should consider joining. Because everyone deserves to have their dreams supported, their voices heard and their spirits nourished.

    Thank you Kathy for featuring me on your website and for believing in my dream!

    For our Spanish speaking readers, Gisela has also translated her interview into Spanish for us below.

    Para nuestros lectores que hablan español, Gisela nos ha traducido la entrevista a continuación.

    Estoy emocionada de compartir nuestro equipo con ustedes en las próximas entradas de blog. ¡Cada entrada de blog va a presentar un miembro del grupo Team Charmed Inspiration de South Hill Designs! Aquí voy a estar haciendo unas entrevistas cortas con nuestros miembros del grupo para que ustedes puedan conocerlos un poco. ¡Hoy, tenemos a Gisela Delarias, quien vive en Lawrence, Massachusetts!

    1. Preséntese y compa algo acerca de usted y su familia.

    Hola, mi nombre es Gisela Delarias, y soy una
    artista independiente en la empresa de South Hills Designs. Yo estoy situada en Massachusetts y pronto me voy a trasladar a Miami, Florida. Me encanta conocer gente nueva, tratar y compartir cosas nuevas y aprender de cada oportunidad posible en la vida. La familia de me mamá, con quienes me crié, son oriundos de Utuado, Puerto Rico. Ellos llegaron a Massachusetts en los 1970′s y ahora somos una familia extensa grande y con miembros viviendo por todos los estados.

    2. ¿Por qué te uniste a South Hill Designs?

    Me uní a South Hill Designs porque me enamore de los medallones preciosos y los dijes únicos. Yo estaba buscando una oportunidad de empleo que me permitirá trabajar desde mi casa y me permitirá concentrar me en mi salud y configurar mi propio ritmo y horario y a la misma vez permitir me a mantener mis responsabilidades financieras con las ganancias. El conjunto profesional de South Hill Designs y el increíble apoyo y la disponibilidad de materiales y herramientas de formación en curso me convencieron totalmente de que era la oportunidad perfecta para mí.

    3. ¿Qué es lo que estando con South Hill Designs va a permitir que usted pueda lograr?

    Mi empresa me va a permitir no solo que yo me mantenga sola financiera mente sino también para lograr objetivos tales como trasladarme, comprar un carro, continuar mi educación y la construcción de un negocio de éxito con una carrera de la que puedo estar orgullosa. Ya me está ayudando lograr un mayor sentido de propósito, orgullo,confianza en mi misma y el optimismo de que no tenía antes de que me uní a la compañía. Mi empresa de South Hills Design no solo me esta ayudando a lograr mis metas pero también a ser mejor persona.

    4. ¿Estás creando a un equipo? ¿Por qué deberían los demás considerar unirse?

    Sí, siempre estoy buscando crecer un equipo exitoso de gente que pueda compartir la oportunidad que se me ha bendecido. Todo el mundo merece la oportunidad de cambiar su propia vida y a mostrar no sólo a los demás, sino a sí mismos que sí lo tienen dentro de ellos para tener éxito con las herramientas adecuadas y el don de la oportunidad adecuada. Por eso creo que los demás deberían considerar unirse. Porque todo el mundo merece tener sus sueños apoyados, su voz escuchada y su espíritu nutrido.

    ¡Gracias Kathy, por haberme presentado en su página web y por creer en mi sueño!

    ¡Gracias, Gisela!
    South Hill Designs de verdad te da una oportunidad de crean to propia economía fuerte! En el mundo e hoy, eso es algo que todos necesitamos! Tome unos minutos y lea sobre nuestras oportunidades increíbles! Si desea más información acerca de unirse al equipo de Gisela, envíenos un correo electrónico y estaremos encantados de compartir lo con ustedes!

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    This week, I have celebrated my one-year anniversary at South Hill Designs. What an amazing journey this has been so far! Just one short year ago, I started, not really knowing where it would take my life. In that time, I have met some awesome women who have shared the stories of their lives as we built a locket. That is one of the greatest blessings of being with this company, the sharing of our stories.

    I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the awesome team of women I now have on this journey with me. Each with their own goals and dreams, each making a difference for their family. Working with this team really inspires me. As I help them build their business, I love seeing how it impacts their life. I could have never imagined how wonderful it would be to be a part of this, and I am so grateful that each of them chose this team for their own journey. This will be the team’s year for new and exciting things to happen! Our team members are located all across the country and Canada. The beauty of our world today with technology is that you can live anywhere and connect! In addition, if you move, you simply take your business with you! I love the flexibility we have! It’s something that fits for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you want to earn a little extra money every month, make it a full time income, or even make it such that you make more money than you have ever made, it’s all possible with focus and work! The freedom to actually be in charge and create your own strong economy really does have the power to change lives.

    We are now headed into a great gift-buying season and it’s one of the best times to get started. A new year, a new business, and an awesome opportunity! I cannot wait to see all that this new year brings for everyone. I believe it will be amazing.

    We’d love to have you join us! If you’re interested in more information on how you can become a part of this amazing team, I’d love to hear from you! Just contact me and we’ll get you started! Don’t wait! A year from now, you will wish you had said yes today!

    Valentine’s Day Specials!

    South Hill Designs Locket Bracelet

    Yesterday was an exciting day with our company! First, our awesome locket bracelet is now available to order! If you don’t have one of these yet, you will definitely want to get it soon! The first release sold out very quickly and it is a very popular item! In fact, it sold 10 times more than our most popular locket! Order yours today!

    South Hill Designs Love Story Collection

    Then just in time for Valentine’s Day, we have our Love Story Collection. This is an amazing deal. Normally priced at $29, you can get it for only $14! This package is ONLY available while supplies last so get yours ordered today if you want to be sure you get one!

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    My Three Words for 2014

    Several years ago, one of the bloggers I was following suggested that instead of making New Year’s resolutions, he chose three words that would define and guide the new year. Since that time, it is how I have chosen to do my life as well. The three word concept is a simple one. You select three words that will define how your year will be guided. It’s kind of like looking at the big picture first and then focusing on all of the goals that align with the picture. For me, it defines the North Star for my new year. So, for 2014, here are my three words.


    I will live in a spirit of gratitude. That means I will be thankful for the things I have in life. It also means I will express my gratitude for the things that are to come. I’ve long written a gratitude journal, where I write about the things I am thankful for in my life. I find if I put off doing that, life is so very different. During the times when I stay focused and do this every day, life just looks different. It is also more abundant. In the beginning, I must say it felt a little strange to be thankful for things that I did not already have, and yet it works. Six years ago, I began to write about being thankful for the awesome man I had in my life (I was divorced and not dating at all) and how I was grateful that he embraced all of my “must haves” on a list I had made. In a very short time, I met my now husband. He indeed did have all of those things on that must have list and I am so blessed to have him in my life. I’ve used this concept related to my business as well. I also find that when we are focused on gratitude, it’s pretty hard to be focused on fear or worry. The two simply cannot exist together. I’m excited about all of the things I have and will have to be grateful for in 2014.


    In 2014, I will focus on opportunities. That means I will seek ways to build my business. It also means I will constantly share that opportunity with others. In this business, I believe the very best offering we have is sharing the opportunity with others. It is something that has the power to change lives. I love working with others to start and grow their own business. It allows us to create our own strong economy, something that really matters in today’s world. I will look for opportunities to bless others because of what I have been given. I believe the verse in the Bible that says “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” (Luke 12:48) Having opportunity comes with a responsibility to share it where we can. I will seek opportunities to bring joy to others in their lives. Opportunity will also be about finding ways to build others up and help them to see their own potential. I believe that these things are the greatest blessings for me and cannot wait to see what opportunity brings in the new year.


    Inspire has been one of my words for three years now. It is one of my favorite words because it speaks to my heart so clearly. I want to be inspired by the world around me. I want to always be able to see the beauty of the world as from the eyes of a child, who sees everything with wonder. I want to be inspired to be better, a better wife, a better family member, a better mentor, a better friend. I want the inspiration to complete the book I’m writing this year. Inspire is a two-part word for me. I want to inspire others to achieve their dreams and goals. I want to inspire them to first see and embrace their potential and then work to reach it. Inspire also ties into the word gratitude, because when we are grateful, we are more inspired by what’s around us.

    These three words will create my north star for 2014. My goals and strategies will all be tied to these words in some manner. I cannot wait to see what it brings and how it will make this new year an awesome one. I’d love to share that journey with you!

    What might your three words be for 2014?

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